Book Review: Love Muffin and Chai Latte by Anya Wylde


It is a story of Tabitha Lee Simmons, who is going through some tough times. Jobless and freshly homeless, a dominating-yet-stupid fiancée Chris, a bestie who stands by her all the time, and a crooked family and past.

She travels to attend her would-be-sister-in-law – Maya’s wedding.


There is a reason I am overly critical of this book – I’m Indian. Although the book is portraying all good things about India, I am just not impressed with the narrative.

It started off well, but then went sort of downhill.

When she meets Chris’s family and does ALL things stupid, I was yawning and almost put down the book. I am in favor of cute, naïve, yet sensitive and selfless protagonist. This was a tad bit too stupid. I mean … never mind.

This book is funny in some places, forced humor in some other places and a lot of poo talk. I laughed the first time, ignored the second time, and third time onwards it just felt yucky.

The second problem I notice is the cliché. It is one of those stories where the hero will always be around the corner to hold the heroine, to take care of her, to rescue her a million times. That part is overdone.

It also had a couple of editing problems. Missing full stop and opening double quote.

The good part is that the romance was not disgusting.


2. I wouldn’t have missed anything if I did not read this book. But that’s just me.

Happy Reading!

Shabana Mukhtar