Book Review | MATA E JAAN HAI TU | By Farhat Ishtiaq

A short review of this book was posted on Goodreads. This one is more detailed.

*Filled with spoilers, read at your own risk*

In essence, this is a romantic tragedy.

Farhat Ishtiaq creates droolworthy heroes – the ones you would want in real life as your brother, son, husband. Ibad is also one such hero. Handsome, kind, considerate and oh-so-perfect.

This story, however, is more about the heroine AFTER the hero passes away.

Ibaad and Hania meet, fall in love and get married. Ibad’s parents are not on board, so they don’t know.

Ibaad passes away, and Hania takes on a mission to please her in-laws.

Sounds pretty basic and predictable, right?

It isn’t. The way Farhat has penned the emotions and the relationship is simply amazing.

Farhat Ishtiaq knows how to tug your heartstrings and how to stir emotions in you, so deep that you would cry for days when a fictional character dies.

I have read it about 6 years back. I don’t recall much details and therefore not including a plot summary; but this romance novel will blow your mind, believe you me.

This is my poor opinion. If any reader disagrees with it, then let’s just say that our choices are different. I respect your opinion and you should respect mine.

That’s enough. See you later!

Shabana Mukhtar.