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Tan-eem Qidwayi

The beauty queen, our heroine.

Zaim Qidwayi

Handsome multi-faceted man, our hero


Lucknow, India

Plot Summary & My Commentary

Taneem’s father marries her mom against his parents’ consent and his family sort of cuts him off. They have a great life in New Jersey, until one day…

Taneem plans to bring the two families together and visits her paternal relatives. Her aunty tayijaan, has something against her and constantly bickers.

Zaim is the handsome cousin who is multi-talented, as usual. He teaches agriculture classes and also takes care of the lands they own. Bhai wah!

Taneem and Zaim are married, becuase her tayijaan wants her son to be the only heir of the entire estate and all the properties.

Zaim and Taneem don’t start their married life on a good note, as usual. But, our hero is very understanding of her and… Well, they are married so they can do stuff. *wink*

As you would have guessed, this story was all about greed. Everybody is after the property and the monies. They stoop to backstabbing and doing mean stuff to each other, until hero and heroine made them realize their mistakes.

Happily Ever After!

Alright, that’s my review. Thanks for stopping by.


Happy reading!
Shabana Mukhtar

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