Book Review: Mere Khwab Mere Jugnoo

Title: Mere Khwab Mere Jugnoo

Author: Nemrah Ahmad


Khurram Zaid: Our hero

Jehangir: Senetor, rich and powerful

Simal Jahangir: Our heroine, not so beautiful and has a leg problem

Mah Noor: Simal’s older sister, an evil person in short. Reminds me of Ujala’s sister Dua from Tere Liye Hai Mera Dil.


Khurram and Simal first meet in Malam Jabba when they were young.

Then, we see Simal deal with her evil sister and her inferiority complex on a daily basis, which is certainly saddening. But, it does have that “I have read this before” feeling.

Low on confidence and afraid to face the world that mocks her, Simal befriends books. Don’t we all? On her trips to the park, she starts to get roses and notes delivered by young kids.

Love blossoms between them but evil sister, overprotective father and circumstances separate them. Khurram vows to have a similar social standing before he could ask Senetor Jahangir for Simal’s hand.

Thus begins a fairytale of our hero who cannot sleep and works round the clock to achieve his dreams. He meets kind people who help him reach he wants to. There is also a psychic woman who tells him that he is destined for bigger things.

Khurram is super-successful but isn’t happy. The story continues, twists and turns may throw the reader off balance. But, my advice will be to hang in there. It gets better and is totally worth your time.


Nemrah Ahmad is immensely popular Pakistani author, with eleven books to her credit.

She is like a magician, who can change people’s lives through her creative work. My life has significantly changed after reading her book. She has the ability to weave in mystery and suspense in a social, cultural, and romantic setting.

This story is about dreams, struggles, relentless pursuit of success. It is also about a passionate love story. It is also about those grey characters around us.

There are a few problems that I noticed as a reader.

  1. True to her element, there were twists and suspense. I felt that the twists were far too many, to the point that it got confusing. And, it also seemed forced, only to keep the reader hooked.
  2. The plot was too good to be true. Khurram got all the success he wanted, and everything literally fell in place just like that, and that too in a very short span of time.

Having said that But the narration is good. And Khurram is perfect and loving; like all male protagonists of Nemrah, if you are a girl; you would want / dream / pray for a life partner like Khurram.

This was more like a 3 stars for me. But I would give one more star, for the impact it had on me.

Books affect you in the strangest ways possible. I am a self-diagnosed insomniac. After reading this, I have stopped worrying about my sleep, or the lack of it. I stopped making a fuss about my inability to fall asleep. Like Khurram, I try to utilize all that time into creative and productive stuff, instead of sulking. That in turn has made me more positive, and more thankful to Allah for everything that he has blessed me with.

Go for it.

Happy Reading!
Shabana Mukhtar

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