Book Review: Saans Saakin Thhi by Nemrah Ahmad

This is one of the earliest work of Nemrah Ahmad.

This story talks a lot about Pakistan Cricket Board, and all the politics that goes behind the scene for selection of players and captain, etc. I think it can be generalized to every cricket board.

The main story is of Amal and Riyaan. It talks about heart breaks. Not everyone can handle heartbreak gracefully. The book narrates how far, and how wrong one goes for taking revenge.

My favourite part is, (spoiler alert) when Riyaan goes through the tough time and realizes his flaws. I rrpeatedly prayed to God that “Allah, please don’t let me or anybody go through this. Amen.”

This has the usual mystery element that Nemrah brings to the table. However, I felt that at that time, she hadn’t got her groove. The writing style, in a few places, was very similar to two of other great names in Urdu writing scene these days.

All said and done, a nice story. Do read.

Shabana Mukhtar

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