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Let’s review: Samandar Ka Shigaaf (سمندر کا شگاف) (The Ocean’s Crack) – 1973

Samandar Ka Shigaaf starts on a saddening noteDeadly Frog massacring helpless people in the middle of the ocean. Zafar, Jameson are bothered about it and so is Imran. He confronts deadly Frog, Imran doesn’t care about people’s wrath, right. Love his nonchalant bravado.

This is some international science lower game aided by Mukaru prime minister sakawa who is slow poisoning the king. But there are some good Samaritans who dilute the alcohol he drinks.

Clash of the titans: Frog Vs Sakawa

But then Frog is unpredictable. One small jab by Imran irks him so much that he risks the entire crew by landing on the beach of an uninhabited island. Sakawa attacks them whereas Imran takes his group out. But he helps Frog, nonetheless.

The story ends on a cliffhanger as Joseph and Imran arrive at the most crucial point of the Mukaru island. The entrance to the island is like a deep crack hence the title “Ocean’s Crack”.

Their relationship is depicted so well. You might wanna cry. Also, Imran is quite the macho man, unlike the seemingly meek man who didn’t want to indulge in hand-to-hand combat and relied on his wits. This is more like Shikral, war.

That is my review of the 70th story of Imran Series. What do others feel about this story? Please comment.

Shabana Mukhtar

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