Book Review: Tum Kon Piya By Maha Malik

I am on a reading spree for past two weeks, and hence not so much of blogging.

Last week was a little draining. It was physically exhausting, and left me emotionally vulnerable. I therefore opted for the good old therapy – reading.

I don’t recall correctly and I have not kept track. Roughly, I’ve read six or seven English Books and not less than ten Urdu ones. All fiction, of course. With that, let’s continue the review writing spree.

This is what I categorize as “Dil nochne wali kahani“. You know that feeling when you feel like somebody is scratching your heart with long sharp nails?

Maha Malik usually writes in this style. While the story could be true, I felt that it has too much of pain and sacrifices; not something that I was prepared to read when I downloaded the book.

Nonetheless, impressed by the ending. she did the unexpected. Bravo for that.

With this, five down, a few more reviews to come.

Happy Reading!
Shabana Mukhtar


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