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Let’s review: UqaboN Ke Hamley (عقابوں کے حملے) (Attacks of the Eagles) – 1972

Plot Summary

UqaboN Ke Hamley begins with a series of absurd events that happen at insanely rushed pace.

Their is a striped monkey that people spot near the mountain, people are kidnapped. The investigations begin, and the eagles attack the search pary. There is a constantly bickering girl named Reena, a seemingly brain washed man Dan Fagan and forced comic dialogues between Jamson, Zafar and Ali Imran.

Finally, Imran and the gang is kidnapped, too.

The bad people’s motivation, you ask? Conquering world and living with a twisted philosophy which leads them to believe they are different. They kidnap people, brainwash them and use them as labours. Imran and his friends escape, but not before a big revelation.


First off, let me put it out there :holding the feeling of book in your hand and reading is unmatched.

I don’t understand isms, I don’t understand philosophy much and I hate these brainwashing stories. It scares me. These things are happening around us in many forms. I want to read escapist finction – not something that scares me further.

Oh, you’re wondering about the big revelation, right?

So, Dan Fagan isn’t an innocent man. He is very much part of the gang. He reports to Ghauri and Ghauri reports to Murshad, who is a tall, lanky chinese man. We all know who that is and we can sense where this story will take us. Be prepared for a sequel / series.

Argh, not again. I hate stories with no conclusion, as is the case with all stories based in/on Zeroland and those involving Sing Hi. There, I said it. Sing is an interesting character but always escapes. I don’t wike it.

That is my review of the 64th story of Imran Series. What do others feel about this story? Please comment.

Shabana Mukhtar