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Let’s review: Zalzalay Ka Safar (لزلے کا سفر) (Journey of the Earthquake) – 1974

Plot Summary

Zalzalay Ka Safar begins as Imran and Joseph are at the dock of Mukaru. His aides and Frog etc are captured by Luisa and team. The island where Frog took Imran to scare him is destroyed by an earthquake.

It isn’t a real earthquake. It is manufactured and carried there by the evil prime minister Sakawa, a crew of Japanese men and abducted scientists.

In an interesting turn of events Prince Harbanda talks to the people of Mukaru over radio bringing a revolution against Sakawa.

Imran meets a girl (what else is new) who is willing to help him through that dhuwen ka hisaar. That girl is quite something. She imparts with crucial bits of information after 10-12 hours, and the reader wonders if she’s genuine or…

On the other hand, Sakawa tries to power play with Frog but Frog isn’t tame. The way he changes the scene within moments is very similar to how Imran does it.

First, frog and his group is met with Imran and then Sakawa brings Zafar and Jameson too, to the jungle.

After a long battle, and a not-so-explained climax, Imran rescues 17 missing scientists and destroys the underground rocket that caused the man-made earthquake.

Luisa is upset and Imran gives her a lecture on politics explaining why he destroys such inventions. He has done the same with Zeroland and that thing with Nazis. I don’t recall titles of those stories.


I like Frog’s character. He has loads of idiosyncrasies but very protective of his own people.

That is my review of the 71st story of Imran Series. What do others feel about this story? Please comment.

Shabana Mukhtar