Drama Review | Parizaad | Episode 20

Parizaad, the new HUM TV drama is based on Hashim Nadeem’s novel of the same name. For brief summary of the novel and my review of the same, read here.

A little recap

We saw a lot of closures in the previous episode. And now we’re ready for the next big one.

Parizaad episode 20 written update and review

In a dramatic scene, we see Parizaad reuniting with his first boss Kallu Ustad. It was such a warm feeling.
That’s not all. There is someone else from the past – Majid bhai. He meets Parizaad and talks to him for Kanwal’s job. Why doesn’t he want to work for Parizaad? Because he has an ego too big for him.
So, Kanwal starts working for Parizaad. Majid is still not happy. He picks tiny things to argue with Naheed. The very next day, Kanwal stays late waiting for the staff’s car. Parizaad drops her home, and Kanwal asks her in for tea.

Parizaad’s poem in episode 20

Ainee, the RJ recites Parizaad’s poem for her show. We see Yumna for the first time, so for those who had been waiting (my sister), this is it.
Tumhari god mein sar rakh kar
Surmayi aankhon mein jhankte huye
Kabhi jo khwab dekhe thhe
Un ki tabeer ka
Umr bhar intezaar kiya
Magar dil e nadaan ab yeh jana
Kuch khwab pehle hi tabeer hote hain
Ki tumhari aaghosh se badh kar
Kisi khwab ki tabeer
Aur bhala kya hogi
Seth Shahbaz comes with an offer that Parizaad can’t refuse because… Well… He’s a man of principles. He wouldn’t let any drugs mafia work in his area. Bhai waah! Dude has got swag.
Phir mulaqat hogi,” Seth Shahbaz says.
“Intezaar rahega,” Parizaad replies.

Parizaad at almamater

Parizaad  attends a function at his University and recites a poem.
Kabhi tum ne kaha thha
Wapas laut jao
Kabhi tum ne kaha thha
Wapas laut jao
Ki Mohabbat haq hai
Haq kuch khoobruoan ka
Haq kuch shahzadoan ka
Bahot dilkash se jismoan ka
Falak ke Parizaadoan ka
Magar iss saughat ka aari
Main ek aam sa qaari
So wapas laut aaya
Magar yeh keh na paya
Bahot barbad hote hain
faqat chehre kahan
Kuch Dil bhi Parizaad hote hain
Yeh dil jab toot jaye toh
Falak bhi kaano utthtey hain
Mohabbat rooth jaye to
Wabaayein phail jati hain
Toh dekh lo janaan
Tumhare shehr mein aaj
Jangloan ka sukoot hai
Tumhein naaz thha jis par
Woh mohabbat bhi mashroor hai
Tumhara husn bas ek saraan hai
Kya dilkash kya Badsoorat
Har chehre par naqaab hai
Har shakhs ba hijaab hai

Naheed flirting with Parizaad

Yeah, she’s hitting on Parizaad for lack of a better word. She hints that she would want to rekindle whatever it was with Parizaad.
Jo mohabbat ko khel samajhte hain, woh haar jatey hain.
Naheed still insists on meeting Parizaad outside. Bas Parizaad agrees. But the man is scared, and we can tell. I didn’t want to praise Ahmed Ali Akbar for once, but it’s not possible. He shines in every episode and every scene. He does something new that we start to admire him all over.


This is yet another beautifully written episode laced with several quotable lines. Khoobsurat, that’s how Hashim Nadeem’s writing is.
Kamane wale ki pehli shart kharch Karna seekhna hai,” Parizaad tells Kamali.
“Yaha par koi bhi itna qualified nahin hain jitna usey hona chahiye. Log adhure aate hain, adhure chale jate hain,” Parizaad tells Kanwal.
Raste yaad rehte hain mujhe, bas kabhi kabhi guzarne se gurez karta hoon,” Parizaad tells Majid.
Love the song playing in the background: “yaar ko hum ne ja baja dekha”. Abida Parveen’s voice is so powerful.
Every performance is very powerful, but I need to mention Mohammad Ahmad once. He has only a few seconds of screen time but he leaves an impact nonetheless. Ahmad Tah looks stunning as ever even in his unkempt look.
Shabana Mukhtar