Book Review: Haalim – Episode #22 (By Nemrah Ahmed)

(Drafted on July 4th)

Episode 22 was uploaded on the author’s FB page today, 4th of July. Happy independence Day to American friends…

This episode has 100 pages and is sufficiently long.

The episode moves so briskly that I kept checking the page number every now and again to verify how much I had read. A fast, eventful, and interesting episode.

Fateh and Talia, my heart goes out for them. I think I like them even better than Haya and Jihan, though individually very few male characters leave an impact as Jihan did. Give me a few moments to drool over Jihan, please.

Initially, things sound dull and unpromising for Talia as she still struggles to adjust with the six years gap. Then, she starts her con games again and we know her spirit is not defeated.

What’s your take on this episode?

Happy reading!