KAHIN DEEP JALEY DRAMA Complete Story Revealed


I always wanted to do a click-baity blog. so, here goes. This post is all about spoilers. You can read about the characters.

1. Who’s texting Hatim?

Farhan, son of Zahra, a distant relative. Zahra had once asked for Rida’s hand in marriage for Farhan and Khadija had refused. Farhan wants to avenge the insult.

Even after they find out, Farhan is still set to take revenge.

2. Faham dies

Rohail hits Rida. Faham goes to talk to Rohail but is killed by Farhan and his gang on the way.

3. Rida’s Brothers Change

Hatim and Asim blame everything on Rida, much as Shameela.

4. Shameela and Hatim Marry

Rehana asks Hatim to marry Shameela. He agrees, giving Khadija’s house in Haq Mehr.

5. Rida’s fate

She suffers a lot of hatred from everyone, except Khadija. She commits suicide, and dies.

6. Shameela’s fate

Hatim divorces her, and kicks her out. She is gang-raped and hospitalized. Later, she lives in Daar-ul-Amaan.

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Shabana Mukhtar