Book Review: KHATARNAK BOODHA  (Jasoosi Duniya #7 By Ibn-e-Safi)


This is my review of Khatarnak Boodha (Jasoosi Duniya #7, Issue #2).


I don’t like Jabar’s stories. Never have and never will. Now that I am reading ’em in sequence, it is a respite to see these were his earlier works and his storytelling skills were not as polished. No, I think that statement isn’t valid. Maut Ki Aandhi was issue 5 and that was one killer story. Similarly issue 5 of Imran Series was Shikral adventure and that’s one of the best works by the author. Oh, I want to read that again but I can’t, until I finish Jasoosi Duniya. Awnnn! 

It would be best to not delve too much into why I don’t like these stories. Let’s begin with the review, shall we? 

Plot Summary 

The story begins in the recreation room of s hotel where a Spanish dancer is performing and three men meet for the first time. Soon, the young man named Shahid dies. The body is found in front of Faridi’s bungalow. Yes, he has a bungalow. He has inherited riches from his father. His salary is very small for his lifestyle. He says that it is not mirgi case but nobody pays heed. 

After 3 days a similar body is found and the postmortem report is exactly the same. The civil police give up and the case is transferred to CBI. Faridi runs into an old criminal and forms allies with him. The third case of poisoning happens in front of Faridi. He’s able to save his life but the victim loses his mind forever. The guy who had poisoned him was left with a sub-inspector Rasheed. However, Rasheed says that Faridi himself had come back to take him into custody. The hotel room of suspect is also set ablaze. 

There is professor Naseer, his niece Ruqaiyya and his nephew. Though we know who’s the culprit here, catching them proves to be a challenge, as they are always a step ahead of Faridi.


The story starts out well. I particularly like the story about the poison, how it works and how it’s effect can be reversed. I love African stories; it is such a fantasy land. 

Hameed helps to speed up the investigation, indirectly, by convincing Ruqaiyya that Faridi really likes her. Ruqaiyya tells everything that she knows, including the identity of the gang leader. Faridi comes up with a game plan. That was also one of the entertaining scenes. 

But there are just so many complications and failures that I started to lose interest. I mean I am reading to see the good triumph over the evil, not to see how kickass the bad man is. 

What do others feels about this one?

Shabana Mukhtar