Book Review: “Namal” by Nemrah Ahmed

‘Namal’ is undoubtedly one of the most difficult book to review and comment.

Actually pretty difficult and heavy to read too, if you’re trying to do it one sitting. I finished all 30 episodes / parts during an overnight journey to my native place. It killed me. I went at it like I used to read when I was a kid. Like a hungry person devours food who hasn’t eaten for days, sees a feast in front of him.

Then I read it again. In parts. To absorb each and every details. Tremendous effort of research and detailing every aspect. Jail life, laws, court tactics, cyber tricks, and tafseer of Quran.
Is it spritual? Yes, of course. the name is after surat ‘Namal’ from Quran. Other surats are referred and explained as well. The Haneen’s angle in particular, tackled the dilemma of young girls in detail.
Is it a murder mystery? Yes.
Is it a family drama? Yes.
Is it a romantic comedy? Yes, very subtle, and very rare sections of that, but brilliantly written.
Is it about an obssessive lover? Yes, more than one.
Is it suspense and thriller novel? Yes
Is it social & cultural novel? Yes

It is EVERYTHING rolled into one book. And it is done perfectly. That’s exactly why it is a must-read.

The history repeats. Nemrah leaves you with a thought that all of this will repeat again.

What I didn’t like much:
1. It sounded too much like a Jeffery Archer novel. The terminology etc. I get it, the premise was same. But I am not sure if Pakistani law is really so similar to American one? Miranda rights, first amendment, etc. anyways.
2. Too preachy in a few places. I think it was okay for per episode. But if you read it all at once, then too much to handle.

Must read, nonetheless. You can purchase it here from