Book Review: FARIDI AUR LEONARD (Jasoosi Duniya #5 By Ibn-e-Safi)


This is my review of Faridi aur Leonard (Jasoosi Duniya #5, Issue #2).

Plot Summary

The story opens in CBI office. The superintendent Jackson has just recovered from some mouth infection and is back to work. He is meeting every employee. Hmmm, wonder why that is.  

Jackson tells Faridi about the infamous black mailer Leonard who is popular in Europe and has now set his headquarters in India. Faridi informs him that he has suspected that already by looking at advertisement in a local newspaper. Apparently, the ads are for entertainment purposes but Faridi senses trouble. The man is so freaking observant.  

Faridi goes to meet the editor of the newspaper. Interestingly enough, he runs into the guy who is there to put up an ad for a driver. In reality, he brings blackmail letters to be published in the newspaper. Faridi isn’t fooled. He pretends to be unconscious just like Adnan and steals the ad copy. 

Hameed meets Adnan for the driver’s job. Instead, he gets a morphed photo in which Faridi is kissing district magistrate wife. It surprised me, in that ra was it so quick and easy to morph a photo and print it? 

Enters Ghazala, one of the victims of blackmail. She seems genuine but is kidnapped before Faridi could gather proofs if she’s speaking the truth.  

Faridi talks to Jackson about quitting the case, as he doesn’t want to be involved in anything to deal with Leonard. 

And then begins the real investigation. 

Faridi manages to capture Adnan but cannot find Ghazala. After a series of interesting events, Faridi finds Ghazala and a certain someone who’s kidnapped and Leonard is playing the part.


We have seen Hameed act like mad man in many stories. This is the first time it happened and it was Faridi who acted. It wasn’t as fun but did help the plot. 

New character introduced:

Ghazala and Nawab Rasheed Zaman

On a side note:  

This story reveals one of Faridi’s quirks that he walks on toes to not disturb others. I wish people around me were as considerate.  

Parting Thoughts

I liked the first story Faridi aur Leonard. Although the identity of Leonard was predictable, the story progressed well and kepy me entertained. 

Irrespecive of the title, and what rating I give, I love his work.

Ibn-e-safi, the person who introduced me to the world of suspense and thriller at young age of six (ish).Growing up, it was a challenge to get hold of his books. Thanks to the people who put a lot of effort to digitize all his books.

In past three years, I have read all his 150+ books, Imran Series and Jasoosi Duniya, at least once in a quarter. Yes, that is how much I like his work. Sue me, if it is wrong.

That concludes the review for Faridi aur Leonard of Jasoosi Duniya Series. What do others feels about this one?

Shabana Mukhtar


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