Book Review: PUR ASRAR KUWAAN (Jasoosi Duniya #6 By Ibn-e-Safi)


This review reviews Pur Asrar KuwaaN (Jasoosi Duniya #6, Issue #2).

Plot Summary

Nawab Rasheed Zamaan and Ghazala make another appearance as this case deals with another problem the father daughter duo faces. This time around Faridi visits them and spends a few days with them. The romance angle is a small subplot and a very annoying one as Faridi struggle to flirt / romance Ghazala. 

They hear strange voices emitting from every wall and they see random fireworks. The obvious suspect is Nawab’s friend Tariq. 

There is Nawab’s stepbrother Parwez, who had a head injury and started behaving like a toddler. There are three servants to look after him alone. 

When things get out of hand, Ghazala seeks outside help. Faridi, of course. 


New character:  Tariq

The whole show was setup by someone inside the house. It was again the whole step sibling rivalry and greed for inheriting the properties. 

There are some scenes where Shahnaz makes a brief appearance. Hameed is charming, really. And that couple is cute.  

I don’t hate the story but I don’t love it either  

One reason to not like it was Ghazala. The first time I had read this one, I was in ninth grade and had already read other Faridi stories. I had an image of a man who would never ever succumb to the thing called love. I felt that emotions would make him weak and dumb. It did make him weak and dumb. 

Faridi & Ghazala "Romance" Scene
Faridi & Ghazala “Romance” Scene
Hameed teasing Faridi about Ghazala
Hameed teasing Faridi about Ghazala

I cringed every time I read this and I really wanted to contact the author and tell him that please don’t do this. I found out much later that he had passed away even before I was born. His writing, his observations are still relevant even after 67 years. That’s something. 

Right, I need to move on to the next story. 

Parting Thoughts

I liked the first story Faridi aur Leonard. The other three, though had interesting bits, did not excite me as much in totality. That is why, I use the below paragraph in most of my reviews of Safi’s books.

Irrespecive of the title, and what rating I give, I love his work.

Ibn-e-safi, the person who introduced me to the world of suspense and thriller at young age of six (ish).Growing up, it was a challenge to get hold of his books. Thanks to the people who put a lot of effort to digitize all his books.

In past three years, I have read all his 150+ books, Imran Series and Jasoosi Duniya, at least once in a quarter. Yes, that is how much I like his work. Sue me, if it is wrong.

In retrospect, I think that since these were the initial few stories, Safi was experimenting different themes, subplots like romance and characters like Tariq. When he realized that the romance angle isn’t working, he got rid of Ghazala and Shahnaz. Good call, sir!

What do others feels about this one?

Shabana Mukhtar


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