Book Review: Tere Liya Hai Mera Dil (By Farhat Ishtiaq): English Review

This is a follow up to my post about the teasers of Yeh Dil Mera.

So, when googled, the search results included one site which had this novel Tere Liye Hai Mera Dil. It may be based on the same novel, I assumed. Even if it wasn’t, I thought I will read it. It has been a while since I read Farhat Ishtiaque.

Plot Summary

Act 1 – Lodhi family

Ujala, the heroine, goes for a walk in the park daily, where she meets Mubashar Lodhi. He is an elderly, cheery and friendly person who gradually befriends her.

After some time when he is ill, Ujala goes to the hospital to meet him. She meets Mubashir’s grandson, Owais. Later, she visits Mubashir at their house. At first, Owais doesn’t talk to her much and seems a bit arrogant. Therefore, Ujala grows the misconception in her head that Awais does not like her visits. Why wouldn’t he? He is a hero. So, the next time, he decides to skip the gym to meet her. Awnnn!

Owais and Mubashir go on a Europe tour and Umrah, and Ujala misses the two. Once they return, she spends the day with them. Everything seems perfect until Mubashir offers to drop her home. She strictly forbids it. We wonder why that is. And until now, we know nothing about her whereabouts.
And then after an emotional and abnormal breakdown, we find her backstory.

Act 2 – Ujala’s family

Tragedy is not too unpredictable, though. The same old dragged story – Ujala is the unwanted girl child. Because she already has two older sisters.

Ujala and Saud are twins. Saud was weak in childhood, and he’s a boy. Hence, obviously Saud gets all the attention. Ujala is badly ignored, so much so, that her maternal grandmother takes Ujala with her.
Eight years later, after her grandmother’s death, when Ujala comes home, her own family feels strange to her.
Her older sisters are now married. Ujala’s youngest sister Dua and Saud’s wife, Maria, are no less than witches, just replace w with a b. They make fun of her. Maria even blames the death of her newborn son. And that same charge depresses Ujala.

Mubashir urges her to wait patiently. On the other hand, Owais asks her to snatch what was rightfully hers, rather than feeling sorry for herself.

By now, the walls of indifference have fallen and romance is on the horizon.
After spending a good amount of time with them on Mubashir’s Birthday, they come to drop Ujala, and they meet Saud. Saud tries to flatter the Lodhis, as he knows about their riches.
One day when Ujala comes to Lodhi House. The grandpa-grandson duo are watching the match. Ujala gets bored. What does she do? She goes into the kitchen to cook food. Are you kidding me? If I was there, I would have stayed and tried to understand the game.

Act 3 – Climax and Closure

Romance is in the air. Ujala and Owais are obviously interesting in each other. Looking at their interest in each other, Mubashir meets Ujala’s family and proposes an alliance between Ujala and Owais.

Dua is jealous, and talks shit about Owais, claiming that he’s a playboy and a flirt and is only playing with her heart for a bet. Ujala believes her, the sister who has never spoken to her nicely. And, that’s the conflict. Rolling my eyes, I cannot believe her.
Nonetheless, Mubashar arrives at the hospital again and Ujala goes to meet him. They talk and resolve their misunderstandings.
Finally, in Mubashir’s POV, it reveals that Mubashir’s illness and hospitalization etc. was a ploy so that Owais and Ujala meet once to solve their problems. It was such a clichéd plot device.


I’ve always noticed that all rich families in Urdu fiction have a “Group of Industries”. They don’t have just ONE business. Yes, they are extremely rich.
I don’t know the reason, but I see a slight glimpse of the Salaar from Deewar-e-Shab in Owais’s character. I’ve just read the book recently. Perhaps that’s the reason the two characters feel the same.
The urdu novel heroines amaze me every time. In an hour’s time Ujala makes chicken curry, vegetable rice and salad. For me, even making plain dal and rice is a quite a feat. I wish I was as efficient and agile as Ujala.

It doesn’t stop there. She has baked brownies, too. If you’ve seen the Master Chef, you know that for an hour and a half, if there is some baking, they are busy all the time. Ujala made three things together. She should go to the Master Chef. She will make everyone leave with her sheer speed and skills.
I felt that the conflict could have been something new and different. How long will the heroine be so stupid?
Reading the story will make you laugh, the hero looks good, there will also be some weeping over heroine’s situation. So, the story works but offers nothing new, nothing you haven’t read before.

Good story for passtime. If you are a picky and quirky type of person, and already suffer from irritability, do not read. It will be elevate your anger levels. This is what happened to me, just saying.

Parting Thoughts

This is my poor opinion. If any reader disagrees with it, then let’s just say that our choices are different. I respect your opinion and you should respect mine.

That’s enough. See you later!

Shabana Mukhtar.

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