Dilruba | Episode 22

The latest episode of Dilruba (episode 22, aired on September 5 , 2020) is here. Let’s review.

Remember Sanam’s hamming friend who taught her nonsense all the time? She ditches Sanam, like literally. Why didn’t you use your senses? Why did you trust Farhad? Don’t try to stay in touch. A tight slap on Sanam’s face.

Sanam has nowhere to go. She comes home but Arslan doesn’t let her in. Nasreen Khala intervenes and helps her get in. In all of this, where is Ayan? Who’s with her? Arslan is too angry and Sehrish puts oil to fire. 

Remember Sunny? He has betrayed Khurram by taking signatures on blank papers. His custodian’s missing signature saves Khurram from losing his factory.  Khurram also learns about Natasha’s frauds, divorces her and Farhad shoots him. Sanam has divorced him. Why is he still shown? I meant shouldn’t he be sidelined like Junaid?

Arslan is angry but confronts Khurram and what he learns nearly kills him – that his sister is a Dilruba. What up title reference!

The main drama happens when Arslan wants to stab Sanam and Sabeeh enters so Ayan can meet his mother. It gives Sehrish a perfect opportunity to force him to move out. Bhai waah! 

Before I go, I must praise Ghana Ali. The way she said “Perfect!” is just perfect.

So long!

Shabana Mukhtar

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