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Let’s review episode 3 of Ghisi Piti Mohabbat.

Aziza and Farhat are now waiting for the bus when Farkhanda (Shaheen Khan) offers them a ride. I like how Aziza justifies calling her aapa. Next we see a small demo of how Samia’s life will be with Aziza and Farhat.

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Aziza takes a U-turn and she’s suddenly very sweet and sympathetic to Samia (because she wants her to bring extra income). Now, the big question: how to arrange the reception. The whole family contributes. What a lovely family!

We see two new characters, a mother-daughter duo who is kicked out of their rented house in the middle of the night. The lovely Arjumand Raheem… The teenage girl who plays daughter is also Shayan’s fiancé in Mushk. Rizwan helps them. He falls for her beauty and the daughter falls for Rizwan’s friend.

I watched the trailer just now (it auto-played). There are so many of my favourite actors in this drama. I am already impressed by the cast. I hope the story is just as impressive.

Let’s wait till next episode.

Shabana Mukhtar

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