Ghisi Piti Mohabbat | Episode 6 | ARY Digital

Back from rukhsati, Aziza continues the rant and asks Samia for all the salami she has received. Samia parts with it willingly, because it’s not much. She is also willing to give her furniture and jewellery to Farhat if they let her give her salary to her family. Aziza refuses of course.

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Bilal’s father begins to flirt with Noor and she encourages him much. Bilal directly tells Rizwan that he shouldn’t visit as often because neighbours have objections. Rizwan confesses his love for Noor who’s least bit interested.

Khalil flirts with Samia, and tells her that he sees her future with an elder man such as himself. His voice rings in her head constantly.

Her husband is busy getting fooled by Noor. When he learns that her jewellery is worth 4-5 lakhs, he decides to steal them to give to Noor. Damn!

Shabana Mukhtar

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