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Let’s review Ghisi Piti Mohabbat…

Samia is weeping because she has lost all her gold jewellery, Farhat is weeping because Samia has lost all her gold jewellery, and Yasir is upset because Farkhanda is hiding the truth of his past marriages and his psychological problems. This episode begins on a high and interesting note.


Interestingly, Khalil is on Yasir’s side and encourages him to stand his ground and refuse to marry Farhat. Let’s talk about him for a moment. Khalil goes to Samia’s cafe, flirts with her, even clicks her pictures without her permission. Wasn’t one Sarwar enough in Pyar Ke Sadqey? What’s happening in drama these days? In the name of realistic portrayal, we see cringe. As if we need more headache…


And, Khalil totally butchered Parveen Shakir’s ultra popular couplet. Uff!


Rizwan flirts with Samia, and the next moment he is promising to change himself for Noor. Riz is one of the most unreliable character I have ever seen. Also, Fareeda versus Aziza is one of the best verbal spats I have witnessed on TV. Brilliant!


Saba Hameed, tussi chha gaye ho… Those steely expressions and deadly dialogues are spot on. And love her hairstyle.


Whoever has penned the dialogues has done a fabulous job.


Shabana Mukhtar

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