Favourite YouTube Channels #1: The Ellen Show

I binge on YouTube for hours at length. I thought I should share some of the channels that I go back to The Ellen Show

The channel only adds videos of one small section with guest, but I love her show, especially the games.

Oh, the games!

Don’t you love 5-minutes?

The best performance, since I have seen all 5-minutes clips, is Ricky Gervais. He is so spontaneously freakishly funny. And that annoying laughter, OMG!

Coming back to Ellen, I like her sarcasm and I envy her. She has a position where she can call a stupid person stupid without any rebutt. She can point mistakes that people make. True, there may be some haters. But, who doesn’t have haters?

She has an infectious laughter. I love her haircut, because I want short hair and I have knee-length.

Overall, it is a good channel to put on auto-play.

Shabana Mukhtar


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