Web Series Review: What The Folks Season 3

What The Folks is a web series that is released on Dice Media channel. The series is divided in small seasons of 4 or 5 episodes. Each episode is about 25 minutes long.

The third season has concluded. It consists of 5 episodes. The premise is set around Nikhil’s dilemma about settling down and having a baby. For better understanding of the the backstories, please read What The Folks Season 1 Review & What The Folks Season 2 Review.

From the YouTube channel

‘What The Folks’ is a journey of how modern families are breaking stereotypes, overcoming generation gaps, and growing to love one another, despite having starkly different world views. The show encapsulates the familial struggles of Nikhil, a young man who is forced to live with his in-laws for a few weeks.


Veer Rajwant Singh as Nikhil Solanki

The main character. He works at a feed delivery app startup. He has moved to Mumbai as Rohan has offered him partnership.

Eisha Chopra as Anita Sharma / Anita Solanki

Nikhil’s wife. She’s working woman. She had a better job at Delhi. Deep inside, she regrets having to move back to Mumbai, just to accompany Nikhil. She doesn’t like her current job.

Shishir Sharma as Kiran Solanki

Nikhil’s father. He’s old, has a disease and likes eating junk food. (Who does’t?) His attitude towards life is still positive and healthy.

Renuka Shahne as Vandana Solanki aka Vandu

Nikhil’s mother. She’s a teacher and has an open mind about things, except when it comes to Kiran’s health.

Shreyas Solanki

Nikhil’s sister. She’s working and is married to Jason but not happy with him. After splitting up, she’s setting up a new home in Mumbai.

S03E01 – Circle Of Life

There is a funeral at Anita’s house where everyone is talking about the deceased. Anita, however, is worries about something else entirely. She has missed her periods and she’s worried that she may be pregnant. She asks Nikhil to bring the pregnancy test but Nikhil just can’t get a moment of peace.

On their ride out, Anita subtly reminds him to bring the test from the pharmacy but Vandu accompanies him as well. This chance is also missed.

When she finally tests for pregnancy, it is negative. Nikhil is relieved and Anita is visibly upset about it. Now, we know that the couple has different feelings about starting a family.

Kiran, on the other hand, is planning for his family after he passes away. He has contacted a lawyer for his will and visiting an old age center. Vandu is against it, but accompanies him nonetheless.

S03E02 – Not Kidding

S03E03 – Here We Go Again

They go out to an arena for a fun night and end up talking only only baby. One argument leads to other and they all fight. About how Nikhil needs to get serious and start investing, how Anu feels that her mother is pestering them for a baby because she herself doesn’t have a life anymore.

S03E04 – Zor Se Bolo

It starts with Sudha watching television where everything is about babies, pregnancies.

Sudha is irked by Tanuja’s last minute ditching and decides to take Prakash’s car for a ride. Pintu is with her, but scared shit to be in the car with her.

I like how the parents are so understanding and open. I guess it comes from being educated?

And there is another product placements about mutual funds as Anu deals with some clients. Those clients are a bit weird though, where the son talks about being adopted and the gather talks about cutting him out of his will.

Shreya has a housewarming party and she invites everyone, to make things more awkward amongst them.

She’s a newbie driver and her eyes aren’t on the road as she talks to Vandu and Kiran. Shreya is sick of it all and makes a conference call. The network isn’t all that well, hence the title Zor Se Bolo.

Shreya has applied for higher studies in German University. While Vandu tells her to go for her dreams, Shreya tells her to let go of her worries about Kiran.

Their neighbor has lost the job and together they care of him really well. They soon realize that they will be able to look after a new person. Kiran’s health conditions bother Nikhil and he worries that he wouldn’t be able to spend time with him if they have a baby.

S03E05 – That’s All Folks

Shreya has a housewarming party and is preparing for the same. Inspired by Shreya’s advice to chill, Vandu and Kiran plan to be relaxed. Sudha is still not talking to Anita. A bunch of people stuck in the elevator are all heading to Shreya’s. I don’t know why but that scene tickled me.

Everyone is enjoying the party except the father-son and mother-daughter duos.

Kiran isn’t ready to talk to Nikhil, even though he tries. Shreya is finally warming up to the idea of starting a new life and moving on. Of course, Kiran’s health is a worry for her too.

Vandu’s little speech makes Sudha and Anita think again and they reconcile their differences as well.

Kiran explains to Nikhil that he’ll never be ready. Nikhil finally makes up his mind for starting a family. They decide to adopt a baby.


I liked that the whole ‘have a baby’ drama ended on something good – idea of adoption.

The last episode also hinted on romance between Bali and Shreyas. The first time Shreya was talking to Bali in her office, I had a strong feeling that there will be something between them. Would it be safe to say that the next season will focus on Shreya’s love life? Let’s wait and watch.

Although I enjoyed the quirks of Kiran and the banter amongst all the characters, this season felt dull and less engaging to me. The last episode, especially, was a bit too slow and melodramatic. If it wasn’t for Veer’s good acting with a bit of humour, it would have been insufferable.

What do others feel about this season?

Shabana Mukhtar