Kashf | Episode 20

I have said this before and I repeat – I love that Hira has shed all inhibitions for the role. She weeps like a normal girl and proudly portrays a non-glam, no make-up look.

Kashf confronts Zoya basis her dream but she forgets something – Zoya is a seasoned liar. Zoya repeatedly refutes all Kashf’s claims. Dilshad sides with Zoya and calls her “Shameless”.

That’s not all. Every single member of her family is against her and nobody is willing to listen to her. Poor Kashf!

It doesn’t take long before Matee-ullah meets Imtiaz and takes full responsibility of everything, hoping that Imtiaz would become an ally. Imtiaz refuses, surprisingly. This is a game of egos. Imtiaz fixes the whole situation by announcing that Kashf and Wajdan will marry the next week. The man has brains, and he doesn’t shy away from showing off.

The nikaah takes place, something that nobody would have expected because Kashf has dreamt about Wajdan and Zoya’s marriage a million times already.

Why is everybody wearing purple? I don’t understand.

Can’t wait to see Matee-ullah’s next strategic-slash-mean move.

Shabana Mukhtar

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