Kashf | Episode 21

Rasheda is putting up a drama since Wajdan has married Kashf. Kashf is now at Wajdan’s house. And she looks so pretty. Kashf has dreamt about Wajdan marrying Zoya. But now Wajdan has married Kashf. Is this the sign that not all of Kashf’s dreams will be true? Let’s see. I like Imtiaz’s new quirk – he wants to be addressed as Haji Sahab. Shahbaz agrees, too. I like these two characters. I stand corrected. It’s not just grandmother who changes her stance. Everybody in the family is the same. Aashi, Dilshad, Zoya, everyone was against Kashf at one point to the point of cursing her. And now they are all sweet to him. Akbar has started playing his game. He pretends to be out of cash and he couldn’t buy a dress for himself. Aashi transfers money to his account and suggests that they should elope. Akbar is at the top of his game to woo Aashi. Matee-ullah continues to plot against Imtiaz, and in turn against Kashf. We see some desi shenanigans as part of the wedding celebrations. Boring stuff. The episode ends as Imtiaz threatens that he would break their marriage to run the sanctuary, if it comes to that. Would it? We’ll find in the next episode

Shabana Mukhtar

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