Kashf | Episode 25

Fast-paced, shocking and nail-biting – that’s how I’d describe the latest episode of Kashf – episode 25 that aired on Sepetember 29, 2020. This episode is fast paced and entertaining. Let’s begin with the review, shall we?

If you’re new to this drama and interested in knowing the characters and previous episodes’ reviews, and you should, read here. It will help you understand the story better.


This episode begins as Imtiaz tells Kashf why he agreed to Zoya’s wedding to Matee-ullah. Very tactfully, he blackmails her to sit on the sanctuary again. Kashf speaks her mind and puts her foot down. Imtiaz’s clever charades and Dilshad’s pleading, nothing works. We see Hira’s swag in Kashf’s character for the first time. And I’m loving it.

But the next moment, we see the meek, husband-pleasing woman. Junaid, I mean, Wajdan has become a nagging grandma. Constant bickering and complaining, is this what he thought is love. Kashf begs, cries, and pleads to seek Wajdan’s forgiveness. Meh!


Aashi’s wedding night begins on a shaky note. When she learns that Akmal is an accomplice of Matee-ullah, she even tries to kill herself. She’s heartbroken but Akmal shows her true colours and begins to threaten Aashi. Will Aashi continue her wedding? I think she should take a step and leave him.


Kashf is under pressure from all sides. Aashi needs money, Imtiaz wants her to join the sanctuary, Zoya wants to marry Matee-ullah.


Imtiaz gives a deadline to Matee-ullah and in turn Kashf – one hour to marry Zoya. Hitting two birds with one stone, are we? Under pressure, Zoya caves in and confesses that she was doing it because Matee-ullah told her to do so. Things look against Shah ji, but he still threatens Imtiaz. “You have two days to do partnership with me.”

After a final showdown, Kashf leaves with Wajdan.

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