Mushk | Episode 3

Let’s review the third episode of Mushk.

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We see Shayan sprinting away and his uncle muqaddar Khan is looking for him. At the same time, we also see the flashback as Shayan argues with Khan that he cannot marry Masooma. Things get out of hand and Khan threatens to kill Shayan. He tears his passport. Nice editing!

Shayan arrives at Malik Nooruddin’s haveli and just before he could enter the premise, Khan’s goons capture him again. Damn! Not just that, remember the man who helped him? He’s also beaten black and blue.

I like how Zulekha and Malik’s background story, a very bitter one at that, is exposed.

Saquib and Roshni’s love story progresses through rebellion. They meet in an internet cafe Jannat, an official place for dating. And the police raids. Wow!

Enough drama, right. Let’s see something fun. Zulekha asks guddi to make tea and Guddi refuses, of course. Their confrontation, and how Guddi handles Zulekha is savage AF! I prefer a strong heroine over goody-two-shoes anyday. In other words, I like Guddi and don’t much care for Mahek.

Anywho, it ends badly. At gunpoint, Zulekha slaps Guddi and kicks her out of the house.

Shabana Mukhtar

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