Mushk | Episode 4

Let’s review the fourth episode of Mushk. 

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Guddi has a family back home who rely on her to send money. What will she do now? She’s now at the railway station. She sets the baby on the bench as she waits for the train. A man abducts the baby. OMG! The stakes just got higher. And, weird, because the next scene we see Guddi sitting next to the baby. What? Some plot twist or continuity issue?

The police inspector knows Malik Ahmed and is a nice man. He lets Roshni and Saquib go. Roshni is super shocked and devastated when she reaches home. One would think that she would not meet Saquib again. But… It’s only third episode and things cannot possibly resolve so quickly.

We see Qavi Khan again. He talks to Guddi who is too bitter and rude to him. She seeks help nonetheless. Back home, Mahek is desperately trying to reach to Guddi and Malik Nooruddin. Devastated, she seeks help from Adam and tells him the truth – about her son, how she met Guddi. Adam arrives at the railway station and finds Guddi. I knew she wouldn’t leave. How would Gudda fall in love with Adam, otherwise?

Sohail Sameer is shown to be marching within the cell, wonder what’s his story. He’s bold and blunt when he speaks to Khan. He’s been behind the bars for 14 years. That’s brutal! This scene reminds me of Mutraba from Dil Diya Dehleez. Anyone? 

Shabana Mukhtar

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