Mushk | Episode 6

Let’s review the sixth episode of Mushk.

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Mahek sees her son and there is no scene like “this is not my baby”. Why did they show someone taking away the baby? Kuch to bhi…

Shayan decides to marry Masooma. Khan’s wife also learns about the inmates. As it turns out, Sohail’s character Sajjad was once engaged to Muqaddar’s wife. This story is very similar to, very familiar to Dil Diya Dehleez. Adam is a lawyer, just like Abdul Bari Mehmandi.

Zulekha is also poisoning Malik junior. The doctor is an accomplice, and he’s just as evil. Zulekha is treating Guddi just the way Qutbuddin suggested. Guddi is taking it well. She has dual purpose now – fulfil her promise to Adam and avenge her insults.

Roshni calls Saquib and asks him to come over. Both Mahek and Malik Nooruddin see him but Zulekha puts entire blame on Mahek. Needless to say, Guddi is enjoying the show.

As are we!


Shabana Mukhtar

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