Drama Review | Badshah Begum | Episode 4

Badshah Begum Episode 3 Recap

Badshah Begum is attacked, and now things are changing fast at Piranpur.

Badshah Begum Episode 4 Written Update and Review

So, Shah Alam has decided to return to Piranpur. Shah Meer, Jahan Ara and Roshan Ara’s younger brother is also returning home from Oxford. Now, this family is all set to return to Piranpur. Even the maids and servants are made to vow of secrecy. This drama is just a power game, and I m loving it so far.
Owing to Hakim Bi’s health, Shah Zeb has called Shah Alam home. Hakim bi isn’t happy about this, and this move also threatens Shahzeb’s position in Piranpur. Bakhtiyar has also come to Piranpur. The episode ends as Hakim Bi slaps Roshan Ara.
There is just one thing that I didn’t like -Saman Ansari’s acting as Hakim Bi.
The cinematography of this drama in general, and this episode in particular is so so good. The way the camera pans when Shah Alam is talking to Jahan Ara, and when Shah Meer steps out of the plane, and when Shah Alam’s family come home, it was just so good. I can’t express just how much I loved it.
I also like how the sibling bond is depicted in this episode. Roshan Ara may have her differences with Jahan Ara but she seems to love her brother. Liked it.

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Shabana Mukhtar

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  1. liza says:

    yeah.. i mean i adore them both and they were both so in love… anyways.. nothing we can do about it except send all love and duas :”)

  2. Ohh, that’s heartbreaking. They were such a lovely couple. When I hear such news I can’t help but wonder what would break such relationships…. But yeah… It’s all temporary; that’s what I tell myself when I am anxious or upset about somethin 😉

  3. liza says:

    hi there ! so hum… idk if you know but yesterday sajal ali removed ahad mir from her name in her instagram bio and is back to sajal ali. and sources say things aren’t well between the two. honestly at this point, i kind of saw it coming so i hope all is well and that the couple will sort their differences.. and even if they don’t, sahad had been an amazing journey and wish them all the best in the future.

    but i just refuse to fathom that such a loving couple could end up like this too.. i mean this goes to show everything is temporary.. anyways.. wish sahad all the best for their future and all my prayers are with them ♥️