Drama Review | Hum Kahan Kay Sachay Thay | Episode 19

Mujh ko huyi na khabar

chori chori chhup chhup kar

kab pyar ki pehli nazar

le gayi le gayi

dil le gayi le gayi

I just can’t get that song out of my head.

So, the 19th episode of Hum Kahan Kay Sachhay Thay is here. It’s based on Umera Ahmed’s novel of the same title. If you’re interested in the novel’s plot. read  this post  for more details.

A little recap

So, Mehreen has had a nervous breakdown and is hospitalized.

Hum Kahan Kay Sachhay Thay Episode 19 Written Update

This episode begins with the flashback as Shabbo recalls the events of that night. The dog has lost its life, apparently. Shabbo mistakenly puts the pills powder in Mashal’s cup. This is why she had been so guilty all this while. Shagufta knows already, and Shabbo has told Tahir as well. Tahir looks so dejected when he learns the truth. Why did he force Mehreen to apologize?


Aswad now knows everything. And the next scene is just what I had expected of him. He blames Tahir for ruining his and Mehreen’s life. It’s so easy for him to shake off everything as if he has been innocent all this while. Bhai 2 paise ki aqal khud bhi laga leta?


We see a montage of every scene and every event that took the story to where it is today. All the lies, all the truth and the sudden epiphany.


What a fool you have been Aswad?



That line so aptly describes him.


Saleha again asks Aswad to leave Mehreen. Aswad is still in a haze. After Mehreen gets another fit, he starts to make amends. He calls Rabeya, seeks forgiveness and asks her to come to see Mehreen at the hospital.


“I wouldn’t forgive my nephew but I will have to forgive my son-in-law,” Rabeya says.

All in all, this episode is about Aswad’s regrets. And I’m sure it will continue for ages, just as the torture did.

Who killed Mashal and why?

A mistake… that’s what killed Mashal. Mashal herself, if you ask me. But in terms of pure evidence, it was Shabbo who mixed the powder in Mashal’s cup, because that nights events so far had confused her like anything. She has no motive to kill Mashal. Mashal wanted to kill Mehreen. Toh bachho iss kahana se hum ne kya seekha? Jo dusron ke liye gadhha khodta hai woh khud iss mein gir jata hai…


Usman Mukhtar… Oh my goodness… If it wasn’t for his performance, this drama would have been unbearable. I mean… Huma Nawab and Ali Tahir and Laila Wasti have done a good job but since the story revolves around Aswad and Mehreen, Usman Mukhtar’s brilliant acting plays a pivotal role. I would refrain from commenting on Mahira Khan ir Mehreen

What to expect from episode 20?

Will Aswad apologize to Mehreen? More than that, will Mehreen forgive Aswad? I think she would because she so *plainly* loves Aswad.

Have you read the novel ? Or my review? What do you think of the story? I will meet you in another review.

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