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Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi Recap

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The story of Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi revolves around a son of a business tycoon, Shehreyar, who falls in love with Mehak, belonging to a middle-class background.

Some unpleasant events occur during the course and Mehak starts hating Shehreyar; and since Shehreyar’s family does not approve of his relationship, the story tangles up even more.

The drama has some of the biggest names of the industry.

Written By: Radain Shah

Directed By: Ahmed Bhatti

[Source: ARY Digital TV]

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Cast & Characters

Danish Taimoor as Shamsher Nawabzada Dilawar

Shehreyar is the son of a business magnate; stubborn, and willing to go to any limits for his love interest.

Noman Aijaz as Mr. Nawab Dilawar

Shehreyar’s father. Nawab belongs to an Influential business family with an orthodox mindset; can turn villainous to save family values.

Atiqa Odho as Mrs. Nawab Dilawar

Shehreyar’s mother. I can see where Shehreyar gets his good looks from, hehe ?

Shehzeen Rahat as Sophie

Shamsher’s candidate, Farwa’s cousin

Tipu Shareef as Dara 

Shamsher’s older brother. He is Mr Dilawar’s right-hand man.

Ayesha Toor as Farwa

Dara’s wife, Shamsher’s bhabhi

Emad Butt as Shahmir

Shamsher’s best friend 


Dur-e-Fishan as Mehak

Mehak is the Daughter of a lecturer, humble in nature, and belongs to a middle-class background.

Shahood Alvi as Akram

Mahek’s father, a lecturer


Laila Wasti as Mrs Akram

Mahek’s mother, a lovely housewife

Laiba Khan as Nida

Mahek’s sister

Hammad Shoaib as Ahsan

Mehak’s cousin and fiancé. My heart goes out to him. It isn’t often that he plays a role where he is NOT the villain, haha 



Akhtar Hasnain as Rehan

Mahek’s uncle, Ahsan’s father

Zainab Qayyum as Andleeb

Rehan’s wife, Ahsan’s mother

Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi is Starting on 11th May and will be aired every Wednesday at 08:00 PM. I’m psyched, are you?


Episode 1

The Sweet Family

Mahek and Nida are planning for a surprise birthday party for their father. We see that this is a closely knit family who loves each other. Aur inki khushiyon ko jaldi hi nazar lagne wali hai.

Tenu kaala chashma jachda ae, jachda ae sohne mukhde pe

Shamsher (not that Danish’s character’s name is Shamsher, not Shahryar as the team shared on their website, doh) is driving rashly on the streets, cuts across traffic, and then finally gets down to beat a biker for no reason.

Mahek’s father (I didn’t get his name) gets down to interfere. Lo and behold, hero ne gun nikal li. Rehan, Mahek, Nida, all get down to take Abbu away from the don. And the don couldn’t keep his gaze away from Mahek’s innocent and pretty face. 

I’m not a big fan of “love at first sight” but this story is just about that. Woh kya kaha hai kisi shayar ne…

Shamsher ko Mahek se pyar ho gaya…

Pehli nazar mein pehla pyar ho gaya… 

Dil jigar dono ghayal huye…

teer-e-nazar dil ke paar ho gaya…

What a melody it is!

Like Son, Like Father

I know, it’s not the right idiom, but I’m taking creative liberty here. We meet Shamsher first, and then his father, so… 

Nawab Saheb eats at a hotel, and gives a cheque to the owner. Later that night, the owner comes to return the cheque, but Dilawar asks Dara to take the sign and kick the man out. He just took a hotel from a poor man. I get where Shamsher gets his bad ethics from.

The Love Rectangle

Mahek is engaged to Ahsan, and Shamsher’s cousin (played by Shehzeen Rahat) takes a liking to him. We have a love rectangle here, people. We all know that Shamsher would go to any length to take Ahsan out of his way. I’m interested to see what Shehzeen’s character does.

Let the Obsession Begin

Shamsher has been a victim of “love at first sight”. He can’t stop thinking about the “dari sehmi ladki”. Since he is son of a powerful man, he forced his good friend Shahmir to find out everything about “that girl”. Shahmir obliges, and finds everything, like everything. The next morning, before Mahek and her father could start for college, a black SUV comes and stops right in front of them.



Episode 2

Shamsher tells Mahek’s father.

“I like Mahek, and I want to marry her,” Shamsher says.

 Despite their constant refusal, Shamsher is insistent on marrying Mahek. He clearly threatens the family to pick up Mahek if they don’t agree to the proposal. 

The family is worried, and even wants to report Shamsher to the police, but Mahek’s father advises against it.

Dawar is worried about Shamsher. He wants his younger born to be part of the business. But Shamsher isn’t willing to work. And why should he? He is son of a billionaire.

Shamsher comes to the college and beats the shit of a couple of Mahek’s classmates. 


Danish Taimoor, my goodness, he looks so hot. The camera loves him, and whoever is the DOP has captured him in the most flattering way possible. His passing scenes are something to just gawk at.

I felt that in the college scene, Dur-e-FishaN’s performance faultered. She should have looked terrified but only her head shook stupidly. Thoda refine hone ki zaroorat hai.

As for others, especially Shahood Alvi and Noman Ejaz, they ace their respective roles.


Episode 3

The drama has some of the biggest names of the industry.


Directed By: Ahmed Bhatti


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Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi Episode 3 Written Update & Review

The Vulnerable Family

Akram is arrested from home while the whole mohalla is watching. The police tortures him physically and his family mentally. Mahek, Ahsan and Rehan try their best to get him bailed but who would listen to them when the inspector is a puppet in Shamsher’s hands?

Nida suggests that there is only one way to get Akram out of the jail. Mahek calls Shamsher, and somehow this gives Shamsher’s ego the much-needed boost.

His maniac and beastly laughter show us the kind of person he is. Kudos to Danish Taimoor for making this character so loathsome and kinda creepy.

Shamsher makes a call and Akram is released. He comes home, his head down, his eyes refusing to look at anyone. This is a man so vulnerable and helpless, a night in the cell has taken all the confidence away from him.

Main tamasha hoon mujhe dekh rahi hai duniya

Tum toh Khaliq ho mujhe dhaanp kyun nahin dete 

Akram’s monologue about his helplessness is superb, and Shahood Alvi’s acting was simply excellent. There is a reason I hold him with such high regards. Even in the spiteful role of Rafaqat, he shines through his expressions and deliveries. Well done, Shahood sahab!

A bunch of neighbours come to meet Akram and tell Rehan that this sort of behaviour (gun-totting dude coming, police coming, etc). Time is not going to be easy for this family from now on.



Senior Nawab versus Junior Nawab

Farwa tells Dilawar about the “low class sadak chhap ladki” that Shamsher is after. Dilawar wouldn’t allow it, and Shamsher would never let go of his obsession about Mahek. Now, this Nawab versus Nawab. It would be interesting to see.




Another challenge

Mrs Akram suggests that they should marry off Mahek as soon as possible, because Shamsher wouldn’t marry a married woman. While they are talking, Shamsher comes home unannounced.

“Mujh se Mahek ki shaadi kar dein, warna uttha ke le jaunga,” Shamsher threatens Akram.

And the episode ends.


Episode 5

Main yeh nikaah nahin kar sakta

So, with a sullen face, Ahsan tells Mahek that he can’t marry her because of Shamsher. 

Just look at Ahsan’s face. It is the face of a man who feels sorry and helpless that he can’t marry the girl he loves. Full marks to Hammad Shoaib for this scene.

For Mahek and her family, this is as devastating as could be, as shocking as could be.

The way the camera panned on everyone’s face, it reminded me of our Indian soaps. With loud music in the background the camera zooms in on every person thrice. This wasn’t loud or anything, it just reminded me.


Shamsher and his tall claims 

Later, Shamsher calls Mahek. I don’t understand why she picks his calls. She should just ignore him, no?

Oh, I remember, because he can come to her house and send his father to jail. 

Mahek is saying jali-kati batein to him as if this would help.

“What else do you want us to do? Do you want me to die?” Mahek asks.

“Mere hotey huye maut bhi tum tak nahin pahunch sakti,” Shamsher says.

Yeh yaad rakhna, exam mein aayega, jab Mahek mar jayegi.

Talking to Shamsher is useless

Dilawar tries to tell Shamsher that this girl (Shamsher reminds her name is Mahek) is playing hard to get. It is fun to see this father-son duo because neither of them are willing to back down. Finally, Dilawar gets up and walks away. There is no point in wasting time with this psycho. Talking to Shamsher is useless.

The Supreme Court order

Dilawar tells his wife to go to Mahek’s house to settle the matter with money. They haven’t realized how serious Shamsher is about Mahek.  

Farwa and her plan to be rid of Mahek

So, Farwa and Mrs Dilawar come to see Akram and family. Both women were reluctant to come here, but Farwa ha a purpose. She wants to take this opportunity to be rid of Mahek once and for all. Farwa humiliates Akram and Ambreen equally. She talks rubbish about them, accusses them of using their daughter to rise up in the social ladder.

This is about all the shit that Mahek can handle.

She comes to the living room, splashes water at Farwa, tears the cheque and asks them to leave.

So, so good!

Mahek’s reaction to Farwa and Mrs Dilawar was very controlled. She didn’t let her voice raise beyond a point, which I like. Shouting isn’t necessary to show that you are feeling emotional.

Another twist to the already convoluted story

Farwa gives this a twist when she tells the story to Shamsher. She blames everything on Mahek and her family, lies about being insulted by them.

“They called us names, so awful that I can’t even say it,” Farwa tells Shamsher.

Dara (or is it Tara?), Mr and Mrs Dilawar all nod along as Farwa lies through her teeth. Shamsher is mighty pissed right now that his family is insulted (Irony?), but how would he react when he finds the truth?



Since this was quite fast paced, I liked the episode. I’m talking about the pace, the execution and the performances. All are superb.

Talking of the performances, I am all praise for this team.

  • Dur-e-Fishan has surprised me. She has acted well in this episode. Her reaction to Farwa and Mrs Dilawar was very controlled. She didn’t let her voice raise beyond a point.
  • Ayesha Tur never fails in a negative, rich, spoilt brat role.
  • Shahood Alvi is terrific as usual.
  • Laila Wasti is charming as always.
  • And I love, love, love Danish’s walking shots. Maza aa gaya hai ekdum. Swag hai bande mein.


Episode 6

The worried aashique

Shamsher is worried and upset as he can’t find Mahek at his home. She isn’t picking up the phone calls, her house is locked and even Rehan doesn’t know Akram’s whereabouts.

The missing mashooqa

Akram and family have come up with a new solution to be rid of Shamsher. They have moved in with their relatives Bakhtiyar and his wife Irum .

I’m not sure this is the best solution, but that seems to work for them. The family is at peace. They even celebrate Mahek’s birthday (how convenient). Irum runs a catering business from home to keep herself occupied. Remember this, exam mein aayega.

A loving father

Nawab Dilawar is worried about his ziddi son, even taunts that Shamsher is going after the girl despite the insults that Farwa had to bear (yeah, right). Shamsher is helpless about Mahek (we can all see that).

Dilawar’s concern for his son touched me. I mean, he comes across as a ruthless businessman who has no emotions. It is surprising, even shocking to see him worried. 

A relentless pursuit

Shamsher is relentlessly searching for Mahek, following any clues that would help him find Mahek. He goes to Akram’s University, and then to Mahek and Nida’s college. None of the three are attending and have given written applications. Shamsher doesn’t even look at Mahek’s application saying: what will I do with the application. Remember this, exam mein aayega.

Deewana tera…

Shamsher and Shahmir are waiting in front of the girl’s college, watching the girls come and go. And it eventually pays off when Shamsher spots niqab clad Nida getting down from a rickshaw. Bas, phir, he follows the rickshaw. But it’s a different girl. O teri!


But then while eating lunch at Shahmir’s house, he notices the handwriting on the take-away container: Irum Caterers

And rushes to match it with the application (the application that he didn’t even look at properly). 

The handwriting matches.

 The episode ends as Shamsher arrives at Irum’s house and guess who gets the door? Mahek, that’s who.



The episode ends just then leaving us wanting for more, craving for more.

This drama might not be the best stories but it sure has the perfect set of cliffhangers. It leaves us intrigued for more and keeping coming back every week. I think that’s the mark of a good storyteller. This is so unlike Dobara. I haven’t watched the past three episodes and I’m least bit interested in watching and reviewing them. The story wasn’t very interesting in the first place. Now, with Narmeen back into Mahir’s life, it is just bleh.


Of to watch something else that is pending for two weeks. 


Episode 7

Chuha bhag, billi aayi

So, Shamsher finds Mahek. He talks to Akram and gives them two days to ready for nikah. Despite a good volly of savage comments between Shamsher and Mahek, nobody can counter what Shamsher has to say.

Chuha bhag billi aayi was a game we used to play when running away from someone. When Shamsher arrives at Mahek’s doorsteps, I immediately remembered this. Just a digression. 

Some wise decisions

Later, Irum and her husband discuss whether they could afford to host Akram and family. Naheed and Akram both realize that now going back to their home is the wise decision. Mahek also realizes that she should marry Shamsher to settle this siyapa once and for all. I heaved a sigh of relief when I heard this. She should have done this a long time back. 

Twisted family

For some reason, Nawab Dilawar agrees for Shamsher’s marriage to Mahek. I guess because his threat to cut off Shamsher from his will didn’t really scare Shamsher. While Shamsher and Mrs Nawab Dilawar are happy, Dara is confused and Farwa is angry. She doesn’t want Mahek to be part of her family. She’s so upset that she even talks to Nawab Dilawar. 


“Don’t let this girl be a part of our family,” Farwa tells Nawab Dilawa

“In our family, we don’t change our decisions based on women’s opinions. Go to your room and try not to slam the door,” Nawab Dilawar tells Farwa


Upset, Farwa tries to lecture Shamsher, but she fumbles in front of Shamsher’s confident nonchalant reaction.

Back home

So, Akram and family come back. Rehan is apologetic for being helpless but Akram doesn’t have anything against Rehan. On the other hand, Ahsan tries to apologize (give excuses) to Mahek. Mahek is resolute now. Marrying Shamsher is the only way to save herself and her family from this constant humiliation. 


Akhir kab hoga nikaah?


Shahood Alvi and Laila Wasti are superb as usual…

Noman Ejaz and Atiqa Odho are charming as usual…

Ayesha Tur is at her evil best…

But it is Danish’s devilish charm that surpasses it all and remains with you even after the episode is over.

This drama has some really goooood performances, huh?


Episode 8

The conversation between Shamsher and Mahek in Mahek’s room was the most interesting thing of this episode. 

Oh, I’m just being random. I’m too tired to even type but I’m committed to do this review. Argh! 

So, let’s see a few pictures and try to put together an episode by ourselves.

Mahek sitting like a manequinn…

She is clearly not happy about her upcoming nikaah. 

The groom making an entry with his family

Swag alright… 

But he doesn’t seem happy. Kyu bey? Tyuri kyu charha rakhi hai?

The unhappy yet obliged father

Akram isn’t happy about this forced nikaah but he still has to fold his hands and welcome the rich brats. Shahood Alvi is terrific as a helpless father who doesn’t know how to react to this situation. I should write a long post about him. I adore his acting.

Mahek meets her fate

Mahek is coming back from the parlour.

And then this happens.

Adnan Shah Tipu makes his entry as Sheru, and the entry is with a bang. I liked it. I liked his avatar as well, and I just loved how he walked backwards when he met Nawab Dilawar. The direction of this drama is awesome. And the talent just adds to the overall story.

The ruthless Nawab

Nawab Dilawar receives a call and then calmly and coolly announces that Mahek is dead.

Even Mrs Dilawar is shocked.

And Mahek’s mother is shook to her core.

That face reminds me of a song… 

Tere bin, tere bin, teray binnnn terayyyyy binnnn…

The story is also quite similar, no? Main character dying in eight episodes… 


Dur-e-Fishan is so pretty. When she’s standing there quiet and sulking, she looks like a manequinn you would want to stare at. Her voice is also very attractive if I may say so, but somehow her dialogue delivery isn’t as impressive.

Danish Taimoor is a surprise package in this drama. I have seen him before doing comedy-ish roles. I like how he has embodied the obsessive Shamsher who doesn’t hesitate from threatening his own father-in-law.

He loos handsome, always. And from the promo of episode 9, it is evident that dude can emote as well. I loved the hadh wala dialogue. Yes, I sometimes watch the promo, too. Now, I’m thinking I would watch some drama that has Ayeza and Danish in the lead. It would be a treat for the eyes, no?

The rest of the cast has some veterans and legends so they are always a treat to watch. Atiqa Odho and Laila Wasti, both are in the top of my favourite mothers on screen, and they both are lovely in their respective roles. 

PS: I know this recap and review isn’t as structured as I would have liked but I ain’t finding anything exciting. I liked this episode but I didn’t have the enthusiasm to write a detailed review so you will have to make do with this.

Alright! It’s time go to bed, almost 5 am and I have a meeting at 10:30. Oops!


Episode 15

I have a question here: when they release double episodes, why don’t they name them in sequence?

Yes, this Wednesday aired a double episode of Kaisi Teri Khudgharzi with Episode 15 Part 1 and Episode 15 Part 2 prefixes. I mean, instead of calling these two episodes as such, we could have named them as Episode 15 and Episode 16, no?

Anyway, that’s not my choice.

Updated August 24, 2022: The team has listened to my logic and has renamed the episodes as episode 15 and episode 16. But the thumbnail still calls it part 1 and part 2. 


Let’s get to the show. 

I will start with the same disclaimer this time as well. I have missed previous few episodes while I was on the hiatus, not that it made any difference. I saw the episode and understood everything that might have transpired. That’s smart, I’d say, because viewer isn’t forced to watch ALL the episodes. A recap is enough for us to catch up.

Let’s start, for real this time.

Senior Nawas versus Junior Nawab

So, Shamsher has forcefully married Mahek now, thinking that it was Mahek’s family who planned for the whole “hit the car and burn it” plot to kill Mahek. Tch! This guy isn’t just stubborn. He’s also stupid. But hey, he’s stupidly in love, and that should make for an “awnnn, that’s so sweet” moment. (But it doesn’t. He’s a creep for sure.) 

His father is no different. He has a different game to play. He asks Shamsher to “play with her and then leave her”, and that’s putting it mildly. I know he’s a rich man, I know he’s an influential man, and I know he doesn’t have a daughter to understand how it feels, but that’s just crass. Gross, extremely objectionable, offensive, disgusting–you get the drift.

Of course, Shamsher shares the same blood, the same DNA and the same sick mentality, so he laughs at his father’s face. I liked that maniac laughter. It was a good match for Nawab Dilawar’s words. Danish Taimoor nailed “the laugh” again while Noman Ejaz just looks on.

As for Durr-e-Fishan, she just stands there as a manequin as is her role in the whole story. Apart from the “water splashing on Farwa”, I haven’t seen her doing anything substantial. That, and being the damsel in distress. Argh! She is so pretty but her acting hasn’t impressed me yet.

On a side note: I like the messed up hair. She doesn’t have the perfectly made hair when she wakes up on the couch. I wike it.

Genuine Concern at Play 

Rehan is genuinely concerned brother who stands with Akram every step of the way. Andleeb, on the other hand, whines all the time, ALL THE TIME.

Zainab Qaiyum as Andleeb reminds me of Shagufta from Hum Kahan Kay Sachhay Thhay and  Maleeha from Shehnai. Is ZQ seeking annoying mother roles? Just wondering. 

Arrogant Husband and Stubborn Wife 

Although Shamsher claims to be madly in love with Mahek, he is often rude to her. 

“I love you and all, but don’t do anything to irritate me,” he tells Mahek.

Kyu bhai? Mohabbat khatam?

Jethani Devrani Conflict, So Typical!

Farwa can’t stand Mahek in her house, so she threatens to leave the house. She runs into her father-in-law. As before, Dilawar talks her out of it. He promises that Mahek would be out the house in no time. I am sure this shrewd man has something shitty going in his head.


The Outrageous Claim

Nawab Dilawar calls Akram home, and humiliates him in the worst possible way. He compares Akram to his dogs and dog-keepers.

“You put your daughter before my stupid son to ,” Nawab Dilawar tells Akram.

Tch! That’s below the belt. Look at Akram–shattered, broken, helpless.

Just as they leave, Mahek and Shamsher come home. Akram is weeping, Mahek wants to see her father but stubborn Shamsher drags her in.

The humiliation is too much for Akram to handle, of course. He comes home, tells Naheed everything, and collapses.



Noman Ejaz does what he does best–delivers a fine performance that is expected of him. Danish Taimoor is his toxic best in this episode at well. Whatta boy! He makes it easy to loathe him and his action. Laila Wasti looks like a mother who is worried for her daughter FOR REAL. Her expressions are so nuances. However, it is Shahood Alvi who always overpowers other performances as a helpless father.

But this story is still holding my attention in a weird way. So, off to watch the second part. Stay tuned you guys.


Episode 16

Alright, so Shamsher and Mahek’s wedded wife is off to a shaky start. And now, we move on to know more about this twisted couple.

Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi Episode 16 (Episode 15 Part 2) Written Update & Review

Moving on…

So, Nawab Dilawar’s words have wounded Akram, so bad that he is hospitalized. On the other hand, Mahek is also unwell (don’t get your hopes up, it’s jsit low blood pressure, haha) and is brought to the hospital. This is too much of coincidence and things automatically falls into place, sort of. First, Ahsan sees Shamsher yelling at a hospital staff, then he magically knows about Mahek’s room, barges in to announce Akram’s state and suggests that she should visit her father.

This makes Shamsher think. He even goes on to check on Akram who’s being opersted. This makes Shamsher think harder. So many things can’t possibly be plotted and planned to deceive him, right? Then, he talks to Rehan who’s going out to arrange for the finances. I loved how Rehan dealt with Shamsher’s questions, by the way. This is enough to satisfy Shamsher’s quest. He allows Mahek to go and meet her father at the hospital.

Awnnn! Isn’t that sweet?

That’s what I thought. But that was too little, and not enough. The moment this newly married couple enter the house, Nawab Dilawar accuses that Akram has borrowed a hefty amount from him as Mahek’s “price”.

This is too much to handle. Mahek retaliates, and Shamsher who was all sweet a while back, roars at Mahek. This is so sick and twisted. Like what should a guy do? He is respecting his father which is right but then he’s being unfair to his wife. This doesn’t bother me because of this drama. No, it is not just a matter of this drama. This is a serious matter in real life. Either parents or spouse is wrong, and the other one is mistakenly blamed for things. When would this imbalance end? When would our men and women be sensible and balanced?


Since Shamsher yells at Mahek, Nawab Dilawar feels encouraged to go a step ahead.

Nawab Dilawar: Leave Mahek. She’s just your zidd, not your wife.
Shamsher: No can’t do, dad!

When the family sits together for dinner sans Shamsher and Mahek, Nawab Dilawar asks Dara to hire Sheru again. Dara and Mrs Nawab Dilawar are still a bit considerate towards Mahek, we can sense.

To my surprise, Dara talks to Shamsher and tells him to be nicer and calmer with Mahek to make her fall in love.

Hmmm, now, that is a wise suggestion. I hope Shamsher pays attention to his brother.

Ahsan calls Mahek to inform about Akram’s state again. Shamsher makes the payment for Akram’s treatment (because he’s such a sweet person). Kidding… He’s the hero, so obviously he’ll do that. Things are going on a slightly good track, I’d say. Let’s wait for the falling in love, followed by a big conflict staged by arrogant Nawab Dilawar and then this drama will be over.



From Hammad Shoaib to Danish Taimoor, from Noman Ejaz to Shahood Alvi, everyone is so good in their portrayal for their respective roles. I like the acting even if I don’t appreciate the story as much.

Atiqa Odho is prettiest of them all and I couldn’t take my eyes off her. Also, Ayesha Tur is perfect as hyper jethani Farwa. Kudos, Ayesha.


Episode 18

Shamsher and Mahek’s married life is such a rollercoaster ride. For one, Mahek hasn’t accepted this relationship, nor has Shamsher’s parents. Farwa and Sofia are behind Mahek’s case as if their lives depends on it.

This episode begins as Farwa’s father comes to meet Nawab Dilawar. It’s about time that we meet this guy. We have been hearing about him for soooo long.

Farwa’s father Aftab keeps talking about how much damaged Mahek has caused to the Nawab family. I don’t think Nawab Dilawar likes this interference or his constant whining. He also insinuates that he wanted Sofia to marry Shamsher… 

“Deewar kitni hi mazboot ho, us ke girne ki shuruaat ek daraaR se hoti hai,” Aftaab tells Nawab Dilawar.

Farwa meets Aftaab. I’m sure that Aftaab has fought his case well, but Farwa doesn’t think so. She suspects that business interests has taken over the wellness of herself. Aftaab itna koi tapa hai, soch hai aap ki.

By the way, this is Aftaab. Once I know his name, I will him to the Cast & Characters

Akram is a bit better now, but he isn’t happy to learn that Shamsher has born the expenses. But, he is helpless now. I don’t think he can do much about it.

Neha is in awe of Shamsher. She only sees the riches, I bet. But Ahsan is miffed with Neha’s obsession with Shamsher. 


Shamsher talks to Nawab Dilawar and announces that he wants his waleema. This time, Nawab Dilawar tells his intentions, loud and clear, that he would never accept Mahek. Shamsher is shocked, but he never relents. 

“Waleema to main kar ke hi rahunga,” Shamsher vows.


Shamsher tells his mother to talk to Mahek so she doesn’t feel so lonely. Awnnn! That’s so sweet. 

While Mrs Dilawar is on her way to Mahek’s room, Farwa stops her. 

Farwa is so bitter. She’s like karele ka juice. I have never had it, but I can imagine it would be as bitter as Farwa’s words.

Shamsher tries to better his “relationship” with Mahek by being nice to her. He even brings a phone for Mahek. Mahek is still the stubborn woman that she is. Instead of talking to Shamsher with some “hikmat, she blurts out that she doesn’t accept Shamsher, and she doesn’t want the waleema and all. Mahek is so tactless. I generally root for the heroine, but this once annoys me.

Shamsher visits Akram at the hospital. He is super nice, the way a damaad should be behave with his sasur. So sweet!


The episode ends as Sofia vows to kick Mahek out of Shamsher’s life. Let’s see what trick she has up her sleeves.


Episode 19

For the last few episodes, we hadn’t seen Shamsher walking away with swag, right? Well, not in this one.

Shamsher is so possessive of Mahek, that he doesn’t even care of humiliating her. What kind of love is this?

They are at a restaurant. People are noticing them. They have a scene. Shamsher creates a scene, to be specific. He walks out.

Poor Mahek seeks refuge at her parents’ place but Shamsher drags her from there as well. So much abuse, ufff! I wonder who’s idolizing this couple.

This breaks the illusion Mahek has created in front of her family. Akram is worried sick, and Naheed can’t find another excuse to calm him down. Kitna jhoot bolne ka na. They have now seen how Shamsher treats Mahek. Poor people!


Later, Nawab Dilawar and Shamsher have another tiff as the older Nawab asks the younger dude to apologize to Sofia. And, Shamsher is like:

No, can’t do, baba jaan.

Mahek is savage, whether it’s with Farwa or Mrs Dilawar or Shamsher himself. I don’t think it makes any difference to Shamsher, but she shouldn’t be so nasty to Mrs Dilawar. What wrong has she done?

As for Farwa, she deserves the back talk. I think this track is just to entertain and please us viewers. Kuch to fun ho screen pe, no?


The biggest advancement of this episode is that Dara finds Sheru. Sheru spills all the beans (nice acting by Adnan Shah Tipu, by the way), and guess what…

Shamsher hears it, too.

Tch… Now is the time he realises that Mahek was telling the truth all along. She hadn’t been hiding. She had survived a murder attempt.

Question of the day

Why can’t Mahek sit in her place? Restaurant se uthh ke bhag gayi. Car mein baithne ko bola to andar aa gayi. Behen, kabhi to shauhar ki baat maan le.


Episode 20

So, Shamsher learns that his own father Nawab Dilawar had ordered Mahek’s accident/killing. Oops! The look at his face, just wow!

Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi Episode 20 Written Update & Review

Mahek also learns the truth. She takes off from the Police Station without Shamsher. Shamsher is worried, and goes straight to Akram’s house to look for Mahek. 

Dara has the audacity to deny everything Sheru has said. Much worse, he suggests that Mahek is poisoning his (Shamsher’s) head. 

Mahek has lost her patience. She gives two hoots about everything. She talks rudely with her mother-in-law, and even tells that Nawab Dilawar should be sent to jail. This is how Mrs Dilawar reacts. Ouch!

Mahek Retaliates 

Shamsher is surprised to see Mahek home. But where else could Mahek could go? If she goes to her parents’house, Shamsher drags her from there. Her jail is her only shelter.

Mahek has lost her patience and calmness, so she taunts Shamsher as well. She threatens him, asks him to talk to his father, just a pained woman taking her frustration out.

Why is Mahek threatening Shamsher? She has no proof, and no base, if she wants to drag Shamsher or his family to court. 

I love the drama that Shamsher created to make Mrs Dilawar admit to the truth–Yes, Nawab Dilawar is involved in Mahek’s attempted killing.

And then, Shamsher walks out of the room slo-mo as a male voice yelps in the background, I mean… Alaap…

Nida & Ahsan?

So, Naheed tells Akram that about a proposal for Nida. Nida is happy about a rich family seeking her hand in marriage. Little does she know that her “match” is much closer to home.

Ahsan asks Andleeb to come to Akram’s house, but she refuses. This was a good decision, but Ahsan forces his mother. If Andleeb comes, she would undoubtedly talk about Mahek.

The “candidate” knows Mahek, so he refuses to marry Nida.

This time, Nida whines about her innocence, that she is unnecessarily bearing the brunt of what has happened to Mahek. Akram fears that Nida would be single, forever. 

And the much-awaited line is delivered by Ahsan: 

“Main karunga Nida se shaadi.”

Farwa and Sofia are plotting about how to be rid of Mahek. Sofia suggests that they could use Mahek’s old engagement with Ahsan as a weapon.



Dur-e-FishaaN really needs to up her game. Her dialogue delivery is so flat. Everyone else was fab… Kudos to Hammad Shoaib in particular.

Alright, over n out.


Episode 21

Shamsher knows that his own father was behind Mahek’s attempted killing.

So, it is time for the much awaited face-off. 

Nawab Dilawar is still to adamant and arrogant.

Nawab Dilawar: I will try to kill her again.

Shamsher: Not now. If you raise even a finger at Mahek, I will break your hand. 


Shamsher suggests that Mahek can leave him if she wants. He’s a changed man now and os trying to make amends. Little does he know that Mahek wouldn’t leave him.

Oh, Shamsher and Mahek are staying at Shahmir’s house for now.

Dara is trying to find Shamsher while Mrs Nawab Dilawar is boycotting her husband. It’s only Farwa and Nawab Dilawar who are happy and acting as if nothing has happened. Nawab Dilawar also orders Shamsher’s cards to be frozen. I don’t think money would ever make Shamsher come back. 


Dara finally finds Shamsher. To my surprise, and to Shamsher’s shock, Dara suggests that Shamsher come back home and apologize to Nawab Dilawar..


“Baba saheb ka mohtaj hone se accha hai ki main payi payi ka mohtaj ho jaun,” Shamsher tells Dara.

Mahek and Shamsher come to meet Akram. While Mahek talks to Neha (very emotional talk) and convinces her to marry Ahsan, Shamsher apologizes to Akram and Naheed.


“Tumhara jhuka hua sar aur tumhari nadamat hi tumhari saza hai.” Akram tells Shamsher.


And the episode ends as Shamsher walks out in slo-mo. Love the slo-mo as always. 

Can’t wait for the next episode.


Danish gives one of his best performances of his career. So handsome and so expressive… 

I quite liked this episode a lot. Quite fast-paced and happening. 

Episode 22

Mahek isn’t leaving Shamsher, that’s clear by now. Shamsher and Mahek lives at Shahmeer’s after leaving Nawab Dilawar’s house. However, Shamsher’s real life has only just begun. He has a lot of challenges ahead of him.

Shamsher & Ahsan 

This episode begins with Shamsher-Ahsan facing each other. Ahsan lightheartedly teases Shamsher for being a changed man.

“Mere jaise lag rahe ho… Chup rehna bhi seekh liya hai…” 

And stuff like that. But, we can all see that Ahsan means well.

By the way, they do look similar, at least their jackets are almost the same, with slight difference in colour.

Ahsan & Neha

So, what is Ahsan doing at Akram’s place?

Well, he knows that Neha isn’t happy about his proposal. So, he’s there to talk to his future wife. Neha is miffed, upset, even blames everything on Mahek. She expresses her disappointment in front of Ahsan as well. However, Ahsan has a strong argument in his favour, one that is sure to win our heart, and hopefully Neha’s. 

“Tumhara faisla hi Mera faisla hoga,” Ahsan tells Neha.

Neha & Akram

After this little chat with Ahsan, Neha agrees to marry Ahsan. And yet, she is still sulking. Girl, this is too much. Her converation with Akram revolves around the same fact that she can’t say no. Sis, you either accept it or say no to it. Yeh munh latka ke rehne ka kya fayeda?

Ahsan & Andleeb

On the other hand, Andleeb isn’t happy with this proposal, either. Ahsan sits down to talk to his mother and explains why he’s marry Neha. It is the best possible option to save the embarassment and keep the two families together. 

“Neha aur main khush rahenge,” Ahsan promises Andleeb.

For once, Andleeb looks like she’s convinced. Or maybe she’s thinking, mera beta itna samajhdar kaise nikla? Haha.

Shamsher’s Family

We see Shamsher and Shahmeer looking for a house to rent. The landlord is quite rude and humiliating, but Shamsher controls his anger. I quite liked the little montage when the two bros cleaned up the house. Shahmeer sweeping the floor was simply the best scene of this episode.

Dara comes home to find his mother grieving. Mrs Dilawar is missing Shamsher and is worried about him. She remembers that Shamsher is habituated to luxuries, and he might not get the same in a rented house.

Back in his rented house, Shamsher reminiscing his time in his house, with her mother. How he had two new expensive phones at once, and how his room’s AC was never switched off. And, now, he’s living in a room without a fan (Mahek has taken the bedroom that has a fan).

Shamsher & Mahek

So, those expensive phones come to Shamsher’s rescue. He sells his phone worth 2.5 lakh for 30K only, as he doesn’t have the papers etc. This is so real, but his hurt is real, too. The rickshaw wala is sympathetic on the outside, but he is playing his cards, too. 

After grocery shopping, some goons snatch the bags from Shamsher. While Shamsher couldn’t stop it, he sure challenged one of the goons to shoot him. Typical Shamsher vibe in that scene.

As a result, he comes back with a cross on his forehead, haha. 

These are the challenges of a non-priviledged life, my boy.


Contrary to my expectations, Mahek is quite understanding of Shamsher. She makes tea for him, offers him to swap places to he can sleep under the fan, she talks nicely… I quite like how their relationship is shaping up.

Now, since Shamsher has realized how ruthless this world could be, he asks Shahmeer to find a job for him. Anything and everything to run the kitchen, you see. I suppose Nawab Dilawar wouldn’t let Shamsher work anywhere; he might use his influence to have Shamsher fired. 

Shit is getting real. Eagerly waiting for the next episode.


Episode 23

Mrs Nawab Dilawar wants to meet Shamsher. While Dara promises to set up a meeting, he doesn’t know that Shamsher has already moved out of Shahmeer’s house. I didn’t like how Dara talked to Shahmeer. What wrong did Shahmeer do? He’s just being a good friend. Dara disappointed me in this scene and this episode.

Shamsher and Mahek go to file a report against Nawab Dilawar. The SHO Jamshed obediently reports this incident to Nawab Dilawar. Bas phir, Nawab Saheb got angrier.

Mahek tries to remind Shamsher again and again that her life has been so different and difficult, specially because of rich people like Shamsher. I don’t like that, either. I mean, the man has changed and confessed to being wrong. What does Mahek want from Shamsher? Would she be happy if Shamsher died or something? Her angst and bitterness is only for Shamsher, kyunki uss pe hi Mahek ka bass chalta hai.

Anywho, Mrs Nawab Dilawar comes to meet Shamsher, to take him home. Shamsher agrees on one condition:

I will come home if Baba Saheb surrenders to the police.

Mrs Dilawar loses her calm and slaps her jigar ka tukda. Shamsher still has a comeback for this:

I’m hurting a lot, this slap doens’t hurt me.

The episode ends as Shamsher goes for an interview. Sadly, the interview is with a guy who holds severe grudge against Nawab Dilawar (the guy whose hotel Nawab Dilawar just took). This was quite predictable, that Shamsher wouldn’t get a job. On the other hand, Nawab Dilawar has written off Shamsher from his will. Now, the situation is getting much more complex.

I guess the story is heading towards 9ts finale now. Shamsher has changed. It’s just about Mahek changing her opinion of her husband. Then it will be a happily ever after. Danish does a fine job as usual. And Noman Ejaz just rocks as a rich man steady as a rock (see what I did there?)

Alrighty, over and out.



Episode 25

Alrighty, so Shamsher’s interview doesn’t go as expected.

Nawab Dilawar has written Shamsher off his will, and Mrs Dilawar isn’t happy about this. She has taken it a little too seriously. Mehwish is rushed to the hospital. Mehwish’s heart is messed up, with only 5% survival chances. I was like, woah! Did we learn Mrs Dilawar’s name just when she is about to die? That’s just painful.

Nawab Dilawar being a resourceful man immediately summons his old friend Dr Rasheed to this hospital. His talk with his wife is so sweet as he confesses just how much Mehwish means to him. So so sweet.

But he hasn’t changed much. Dara suggests that Shamsher must be forgiven, but Nawab Dilawar is like: no, can’t do.

Sir, itni akad? Uff!

Shamsher’s side is super sweet and slow and… What’s the word I’m looking for? Calming. Mahek and Shamsher have started to accept their responsibilities towards each other.

Naam ka hi sahi, rishta to hai!

Both have interviews the next day. Just as we expect, Mahek gets the job and Shamsher doesn’t. He settles for a salesman’s job. Tch! Superb last frame, the expression on Shamsher’s face.

Danish Taimoor does a fine job of a helpless guy relentlessly looking for a job, a means to survive in the ruthless world around him. He isn’t just a pretty face. Dude has some serious acting chops.

The next episode might show Mehwish’s death, so eagerly waiting for the same.

Signing off!


Episode 26

So, Mehwish is hospitalized and despite Dara’s insistence, Nawab Dilawar doesn’t allow to inform Shamsher.

Nida and Ahsan got married in a quiet yet happy ceremony. Shamsher misses his mother and calls Nawab Dilawar. Right at that instant, Mehwish collapses. Dara picks up the phone and informs Shamsher. When Shamsher arrives at the hospital, it’s already too late.

Shamsher comes home. Nawab Dilawar hugs his son, but doens’t let him see Mehwish.

That’s just cruel. And then Dara drags Shamsher out of the house. 

This episode was quite slow as doesn’t show much except the funeral and mourning. Shamsher’s breakdown is the highlight of this episode.


Noman, Danish, Ayesha, everyone is so good in this episode. But Danish steals the show. He is just great. 

I realize that the dramas show very little islamic values these days. Even the islamic ones don’t show Islam and muslims in right light. No wonder we are wandering as a society.


Episode 27

Mehwish is no more and Shamsher is weeping like crazy. Thankfully he has his loving bride by his side. *Wink wink*

Shamsher and Mahek

Shamsher and Mahek struggle with their first jobs. Shamsher is still grieving his loss so he couldn’t go to work, and Mahek wants to stay by her hubby, so she also misses work. Of course, this doesn’t go well with their respective bosses. Mahek’s boss reprimands her for being absent, and Shamsher’s boss reprimands him for being late. The first day at work proves to throw a lot of challenges at Shamsher, challenges that crush his ego and self-esteem. A customer yells at him, asks to bag his stuff and later gives him 50 rupees tip; his boss asks him to work as a labour for 900 bucks and Shamsher agrees. I was like, saare gharib hone ke sabaq Aaj hi seekh lega?

Ahsan and Nida

Andleeb proves to be the typical mother-in-law. She talks rudely with Naheed who had called to bring the rasmi nashtaa. Later, she creates a scene in front of Ahsan. Why wake up so late? Blah blah blah. That was so pathetic. I wasn’t expecting Andleeb to go so low. I don’t like mothers-in-law who whine about this on day one of marriage.

Nawab Dilawar and Sheru

Nawab Dilawar gives Sheru another chance to finish the job that he had once taken up–be rid of Mahek. Uff, will this man ever stop?

I am losing interest in this drama. Even though Shamsher and Mahek’s relationship is taking its natural course of liking each other, there is nothing else that holds my attention. This is episode 27 already. I hope it ends at episode 30.

So long!


Episode 28

Shamsher is working at a grocery store as a salesman and is being humiliated left, right and center. He is determined to keep his temper in check and keep his job. Bravo man! 

Shamsher and Mahek

So, the last episode had ended as Mahek learns about Shamsher’s job. She isn’t happy about it, and she lets it show in her behaviour. I like the slow progression of their relationship. Mahek still hasn’t forgiven Shamsher, but she’s mad at him, in a good way. Things are getting better, gradually.  

Mahek asks Shamsher to never do the physical labour job. She seems genuinely concerned about her husband, and that is so touching. Shamsher agrees. 

Mahek: Dheere dheere sab thik ho jayega

Shamsher: Sab? 

Mahek: (After a very long pause) Sab!


Whatta scene! The tiny tiny smile on Shamsher’s face was the highlight of this scene.


Ahsan and Nida

Andleeb creates a scene at the breakfast table in the morning. She is never going to be happy, is she? Make breakfast, don’t use new cutlery, don’t go to college, uff! Itni typical saas?

Later, she whines about making dinner and all while Nida has just been back from her mother’s house. If I were Nida, I would have the same reaction. 

Ahsan just knows that Nida is upset. He’s like: main kya karoon yaar? 

However, Ahsan promises to convince Andleeb for Nida rejoining her college. I guess he’s being a good husband.

Akram and Naheed 

Nida had come to her mother to bicker about Andleeb. Naheed mentions Mahek and Nida gets upset. I think they both were right.  It doesn’t feel good if you’re discussing your predicament and your mother mentions someone else. Naheed was also right, though. How else is she supposed to talk to Nida? He could give Mahek’s example, so she did. 

Akram overhears the conversation, and it confirms his worst fears that Mahek isn’t happy.

Naheed and Akram later discuss  Mahek. Akram is worried and Naheed just knows it’s about Mahek .

They console each other with false hopes, then Naheed goes to make tea. Akram is left alone to worry about Mahek.

Nawab Dilawar and Sheru

Sheru forced to kill Mahek. Nawab Dilawar and SHO threaten Sheru repeatedly (and there are several flashbacks too). Sheru is left with no choice but to accept Nawab Dilawar’s offer. I guess he’s angry at this. Who knows? Maybe he will kill Shamsher instead of Mahek. That would serve Nawab Dilawar right.

Ahsan and Shamsher

Ahsan runs into Shamsher at the grocery store, what are the odds? He is amused to see his rival in this state. That smirk on his face says it all.

Ahsan insults Shamsher, which our hero doesn’t react to but we can see it’s hard on him.

And then, Ahsan drops the money on the floor.

“100 rupees zyada hain, tip rakh lena,” Ahsan tells Shamsher.


First of all, that’s disrespect to Qaid e Azam as well as the money. I remember when we were little and dropped a coin by mistake, elders would reprimand us. 

Don’t drop the money or you will forever be poor.

I don’t know if there is any truth in it or not but Ahsan’s attitude towards Shamsher was uncalled for and plain painful to watch.

I hadn’t expected this from you, Ahsan. I’m aware of what Shamsher has done to Ahsan, but then… He was a rich spoilt brat, you know… Raees maan baap ki bigdi aulad. Ahsan is from a middle class and supposely a nice fellow, why did he stoop so low? Just to avenge the humiliation at Shamsher’s hands? As if two wrongs will make things right. I’m so disappointed in Ahsan, I can’t even begin.

While this humiliation is going on, the store manager is witnessing the whole conversation. He is intrigued, to say the least.

Whoever this man is, he has done a fine job for his role. Aise acchey log duniya mein hote kahan hain?

Ahsan and Mahek

Ahsan has an interview at Mahek’s office. What are the odds? Later, he offers Mahek a ride and she agrees. Knowing Mahek and her high ethics, I hadn’t expected her to do this. Shamsher sees them as Mahek is getting into Ahsan’s car. 

Just look at the poor man jis ne mohabbat karne ki ghalti kar li.

But that wasn’t enough. When they arrive at home, Nida also sees them. Mahek gives Ahsan a shut up call but how does Nida feel about this?

I don’t care how Nida feels. I want to know how Shamsher reacts. He has been keeping his temper in check. But, seeing his wife talking to her ex fiance is a bit much.

So long!


Episode 29

The drama has some of the biggest names of the industry.


Directed By: Ahmed Bhatti


You can read also my teaser review of Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi here: Teaser Review | Kaise Teri Khudgharzi | ARY Digital. And this post for Cast & Characters.

Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi Episode 28 Recap

Ahsan offers Mahek to drop home (Akram’s home). Shamsher sees them leaving together, and Nida sees them arriving together. Both Shamsher and Nida are mighty pissed, but one of them retorts more severely than the other.

Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi Episode 29 Written Update & Review

Nida sees Ahsan and Mahek arriving together. She argues with Ahsan, and Ahsan be like: Aye tu hut re… 

So, Nida barges into her parents’ house and starts accusing Mahek for all the trouble in her life, and for trying to steal her husband.

Mahek has had enough by this time. So, she slaps her younger sibling.

“Yeh mujhe bahot pehle maarna chahiye thha,” Mahek says.

Bhai waah! Mahek has become quite courageous nowadays.

This long was elongated with loud background noise and showing every face like a million times, reminding me of Indian soaps. Didn’t like the scene much, except for the slap.

And now comes the rant.

Why do we show sisters fighting over a man? I mean, real sister fight over real issues. E.g.

  1. Why did you wear my abaya? I wanted to wear that tonight.
  2. Why did you borrow my sandals without my permissions?
  3. It’s your turn to make tea. (PS: I never say that)

I’m just saying. I hate it when two sisters go after the same man. It is not true in this case, but you know what I’m saying, right?

Main Tumhari Biwi Hoon

Ahsan isn’t the only one to face questions. Mahek comes home and faces Shamsher’s questions as well, even though Shamsher is more subdued than aggressive. Mahek  has all the answers, all the answers.

  • Main tumhari biwi hoon isliye mujhe pick-n-drop tum karoge.
  • Main tumhari biwi hoon isliye tum mujhe rok sakte thhe.
  • Main tumhari biwi hoon isliye main tumhari zimmedari hoon.
  • Main tumhari biwi hoon isliye tumhare sath khud ko mehfooz mehsoos karti hoon.
  • Main tumhari biwi hoon isliye mujhe barish se darr lagta hai.
  • Main tumhari biwi hoon isliye main aaj tumhare kamre mein soungi.

And, Shamsher is like: 

You’re safe with me.

Cut to someone intruding their house.

Senior Nawab versus Junior Nawab

Yeah, so Nawab Dilawar has forced Sheru to shoot Mahek, and he has also asked the SHO to kill Sheru once Mahek is killed. This man is ruthless, I tell you.

Sheru enters the house, and comes face to face with Mahek and Shamsher.

“If you hurt Mahek, I will kill you,” Shamsher threatens Sheru.

I laughed, because Shamsher had no weapon on him while Sheru was holding the gun. To my disappointment, Sheru drops the gun, too. I was disappointed, because I was kinda hoping Sheru would shoot Shamsher just to teach Nawab Dilawar a lesson. Anywho! I guess Sheru is a changed man now who wouldn’t kill anyone innocent. 

Anywho! So, Sheru tells that Nawab Dilawar sent him to kill Mahek, and he accepts his earlier attempts as well. Shamsher sees a possible witness in Sheru, but would Nawab Dilawar let Sheru see the light of the court? I don’t think so.

The war is still on.


Episode 30

So, Sheru yells Shamsher everything about Nawab Dilawar’s plans. He apologizes to the couple and even promises to help them, be a witness in the case. Shamsher let’s Sheru out of the house through the rear door. Thenpolice comes later and searches the house thoroughly but doesn’t find Sheru. Mark my words. Sheru would be killed. 

Much later, Shamsher comes to warn Nawab Dilawar. 

Don’t even think of harming Mahek or else… 


Nawab Dilawar doesn’t back down.

I won’t stop until I remove Mahek from your life. 

Shamsher is like:

“Aap ke aur Mahek ke beech mein aap hamesha mujhe paayenge.”

What it means is that if Nawab Dilawar ever tries to attack Mahek again, Shamsher will protect Mahek. Foreshadowing… 

Akram is upset about Nida’s whining. He goes to talk to Rehan and Andleeb. Andleeb opens her complaint box and talks incessantly. Akram gets a fair idea of how tough life is for Nida. although, I must admit, Nida isn’t really so meek. She is quite a match for Andleeb’s saasu maan special paintrey. And yet, she doesn’t deserve to be treated the way he did. Kaise uske hath mein paise diye thhe, and the words he used for Nida. Not cool, Ahsan.


Ahsan tries to apologize to Mahek for Nida’s words but Mahek is like: aye tu ja re. Don’t talk to me. Loved the scene. Ahsan needed this shut up call.

And this is when Farwa and Fara spot Ahsan. They know how to use Ahsan to their benefit now. 

And then, my predications become a reality.



I like how the scenes moved from one to another. Also, I must appreciate Laiba Khan’s acting. Her role may be upsetting but her acting is spot-on.

Urdu Review

Hindi Review


Episode 31

The drama has some of the biggest names of the industry.


Directed By: Ahmed Bhatti


You can read also my teaser review of Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi here: Teaser Review | Kaise Teri Khudgharzi | ARY Digital. And this post for Cast & Characters.

Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi Episode 30 Recap

Mahek and Shamsher are set in their lives but Ahsan and Nida are not. Ouch! Sheru is dead, and Shamsher has threatened Nawab Dilawar to stay away from Mahek. Double ouch!

Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi Episode 31 Written Update & Review

Half of this episode was flashbacks. I would have skipped through it but I was doing dishes – two tubs of dishes. So I survived through the flashbacks. Nothing much happened. Except… 

  1. Mahek gives Ahsan another shut up call. Nida is different than me, deal with it, she says.
  2. Nida comes to see Akram. Akram gives the much-needed lecture..wise words, only if Nida listens to her father and applies those lessons to life.
  3. Dara talks to Nawab Dilawar again and asks him to forgive Shamsher. This man has perseverance in abundance. Nawab Dilawar gives the same answer-Shamsher can come back if he leaves Mahek. This man has arrogance in abundance. You see the difference? Dara is so different from his father.
  4. Fara and Sofia (I called her Farwa in last episode, I think her name is Sofia, whatev). They repeat their same old plan: Let’s use Ahsan against Shamsher. Sister, do something.

The only good part was that Shamsher got his first salary, did a slo-mo walk (looked handsome), wept a lot (Danish Taimoor rocks as usual) and then took Mahek out for shopping and dinner. Happy couple, huh? All the whole I was expecting a car to hit them. I don’t know why. I expect nothing less from Nawab Dilawar.

And that was the episode. So so boring and repetitive.


Episode 32


The drama has some of the biggest names of the industry.


Directed By: Ahmed Bhatti


You can read also my teaser review of Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi here: Teaser Review | Kaise Teri Khudgharzi | ARY Digital. And this post for Cast & Characters.

Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi Episode 31 Recap

Most of the episode was flashbacks. The real thing that happens is Shamsher got his first salary.

Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi Episode 32 Written Update & Review

So, Mahek and Shamsher are happy. After celebrating the salary, Shamsher brings some gifts for Naheed and Akram-touchy.

Nida and Ahsan are also trying to make amends. I guess Mahek’s shut up call has worked. Ahsan has also refused to cooperate with Sofia and Farwa/Farwa. 

Mahek and Shamsher also have a khushkhabri (kuch zyada hi jaldi nahin ho gaya?) When they step out of the clinic, a guy shoots at Mahek, but of course, Shamsher comes in the middle the takes the bullet.

“Aap ke aur Mahek ke beech mein aap hamesha mujhe paayenge.”

Remember he said that in episode 30? We have seen that flashback a million times to know that Shamsher would be shot. This didn’t come as a shock to me, not at all.

Also, much as anticipated, this time Nawab Dilawar is visibly upset. Apne hi bete ko goli lag gayi. Ab kya hoga Nawab Saheb?

I hope it ends now. It has been 32 episodes already. If the editing team hadn’t included a million slo-mo shots and a billion flashbacks, we would have been done by now. This is dragging unnecessarily. These people should take a lesson from Laapata and Parizaad. If the drama doesn’t drag, we forgive the team even if there are some loopholes. This one is just taking forever.

Alright, peace out.


Episode 33

Ummm… Shamsher died.

And that was the episode. 

Need I say more?


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Shabana Mukhtar