Drama Review | Mere Humsafar | Episode 38

Mere Humsafar Episode 38 Written Update & Review

The first 15 minutes of this episode shows Rumi randomly walking on the streets. Halaa and Mariyam pick her up and brings her home.

Then, the next two minutes she stammers to spill the beans. But then she does… She tells Haala about her nikaah with Waqas.

Haala very confidently promises to help Rumi. It surprises me, the girl who can’t fix her own life is surely determined to fix someone else’s.

Haala calls Hamza and tells everything.

In all of this, Mariyam comes across as a bitter person who is enjoying at someone else’s misery.

Even though Waqas has called and is willing to talk, Shah Jahan keeps interrupting their conversation. Hamza keeps his calm, and then talks to Waqas m things will be fixed. After some initial outburst, Sofia and Jalees also come to offer their moral support to Rumi and Hamza. That’s also fixed.

But Shah Jahan will never be fixed. 

This drama was loud and annoying but this one just made my blood boil. Shah Jahan is the worst character I have ever seen on screen. She doesn’t want Rumi to be married to Waqas, she is bitter with Sofia, still, and she is still plotting to get her way. Does she ever think of anyone else? Why do we show so much evil on screen? Why do I watch such dramas? I blame myself.

Argh, this episode will keep me restless for the rest of the night. So so awful… 

Apparently, this is the second-last episode of this drama. I heave a sigh of relief as this crazy drama nears its end. I’m done watching ARY digital dramas. Ek Amanat, ek yeh, dimagh ka dahi kar diya hai.

Alright now!



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Shabana Mukhtar