Drama Review | Parizaad | Episode 21 | This episode is all about Ainee

The 21st episode has been live for a couple of hours now, but I was watching Humsafar’s first episode. And then I crocheted a little. I am planning to post about the same. I hope I get time to click a few pictures.

Alright, so let’s get to the new episode.

Parizaad episode 21 written update and review

Let’s get the subplot out of the way, because this episode is all about Ainee.

Kanwal asks Naheed about Parizaad and their conversation. Naheed thinks that Parizaad is helping her family only because he still likes Naheed. I don’t think he does. When he met Naheed the first time after years, he had said: “look after yourself.” I think he is done with Naheed. But we will know in the coming episodes. I like Kanwal’s character eversince the first episode. I wish Parizaad had ever considered her; she would have agreed. But Parizaad toh husn-parast hai. Kanwal is pretty, but she is not as pretty and dolled up as Naheed.

Moving on…

It’s time to give back to people like him. Parizaad talks to a young boy who is mocked by others. Parizaad talks to the boy, encourages him to complete his studies and even offers to help.

RJ Ainee sends a little sculpture to Parizaad. She also calls Parizaad and pays a million compliments to him. Such is the power of words. Ainee also requests Parizaad for an interview which Parizaad politely declines. We can see that Parizaad is enjoying this attention from a female. Ainee is a die-hard fan, and this .

Khud ko tarteeb diya aakhir az sar-e-nau
tera inkaar zindagi mein bahot kaam ayaa

Mujhe sher mein wazan nahin laga, but I’m not a poet. Qafiya & radeef, beher and wazan go above my head.

Parizaad’s inner self mocks his newfound happiness. As a result, he starts to ignore Ainee’s calls. But when they talk, he snaps at Ainee for wanting to make a sculpture of him. Parizaad doesn’t know that Ainee can’t see. He feels that Ainee is mocking his ugly personality. He has gotten rich, but he has not gotten over his complex.

Ainee comes to meet Parizaad, and Parizaad loses his temper.

Ahmad Ali Akbar rocks yet again. His reaction upon finding that Ainee is blind, oh my goodness. Guilt, shame, hesitation, confusion, all rolled into one.  I wish I could watch the next episode right away.

Off to review first episode of Humsafar.

Shabana Mukhtar


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