Fairytale 2 | Episode 1 Part 1

Fairytale 2 is a sequel to Fairy Tale, Ramzan 2023 drama on Hum TV, sequel nobody asked for. For my rant on the previous season, read this post: Sunday Screed | Fairytale Finale and Sequel

Writer: Sarah Majeed
Director: Ali Hassan

Fairy Tale 2 Episode 1 Written Update & Review

Assalam Alaikum, people!

It’s your girl Shabana Mukhtar and I’m here to give you the lowdown on the first episode of “Fairy Tale”. Let me tell you, it was a whiplash of annoyance reminding me how begrudgingly I finished this drama in the last season.

This is a sequal that nobody asked for. Everything I have against Fairy Tale and everything I like about it, I have already ranted about it here: Sunday Screed | Fairytale Finale and Sequel, I hate it mostly because of the main character Ummeed.

The Recap

If you don’t remember much, fret not.

This season begins as everyone is in the theatre and watching themselves on the screen and smiling it. I didn’t understand how they suddenly had Eid on the finale of last season, and I don’t understand why they are watching themselves. Aisa kabhi hota hai kya?

Ummeed is a young girl who dreams of becoming rich and famous. She is careless and doesn’t take anything seriously. She’s loud, she’s silly, she’s dumb… She isn’t the best heroine, in short.

That been said, Hamza looks so stunning in that salmon colour shirt (remember Ross’s pink shirt?) even though he’s just sitting there with a tiny smile on his handsome face.

My heart went to Mimi, though. She looked gorgeous and her teary eyed recall of AK was just..


The Kalaish (Clash)

After the recap, the family steps out of the cinema hall and Pasha slinvutes Niggi and Mimi and Farhad for dinner but Niggi is being a villian now, so she rudely rejects the invitation even though Farjad is eagerly willing to join Ummeed and family for dinner.

Crazy Family Dinner

Farjad joins the crazy family for dinner. Pasha serves Farjad biryani, Talal serves sweet, Abo ji takes Farjad’s plate, Sameer pours cold drink instead of water and then they all blame each other. But Farjad is like: I was missing out on so much of family love. My eyes popped right out. I was like, bro, run away from this family.

Run away, run far

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But no no… He wants to get deep into this shebang. He offers Ummeed a job at his office. What are you doin, bro?

The Villain

At home, Nageen is looking for ways to be a villain. I’m not joking, she types that into the Google search bar just as I search for how to become slim in one hour, haha. I will never tell you what I search, huahaha.

Nageen is upset that Farjad fixed everything on his own without even asking her to join on the stage in the finale of previous season. I think she’s right, but she’s also so cute when she walks out from the breakfast table. She’s like being the ultimate willian-saas, without remembering ki saas bhi kabhi bahu thhi… Saman Ansari is acing her role as Nageen, a possessive and dramatic mother..just love her.

Farjad: Ma, I’m going to office. Bye
Nageen: Narazgi apni jagah,.but i love you. Bye

The Brat

Ummeed sleep till 11 on her first day at work. I also know someone who fails to wake up by 10:30 every single freaking day. But hey, I have spent enough years at work to set a work routine and I don’t work at my boyfriend’s office.

I mean…

I don’t have a boyfriend.

I mean…

All I’m saying is that Ummeed had been an annoying person and she continues to do so. I can’t wait for the time that Farjad sees through this careless behaviour and calls quits. That whole “I’m so possessive about you” scene at office was so irritating. Aise nahin hota life mein, fairytale bol ke kuch bhi dikhane ka kya?

Farjad to Ummeed: Pehla din ho ya aakhri din, Jo insaan qwaqt ki panandi nahin kar sakta, woh kabhi kamyab nahin ho sakta.

I was like, sahi bola bhai aap ne, lekin choice bari hi buri hai aap ki.

That’s it for now, folks! I hope you enjoyed my review. How did you guys find this episode?

Until next time, happy watching!


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Shabana Mukhtar