Fairytale 2 | Episode 1 Part 2

Fairytale 2 is a sequel to Fairy Tale, Ramzan 2023 drama on Hum TV, sequel nobody asked for. For my rant on the previous season, read this post: Sunday Screed | Fairytale Finale and Sequel

Writer: Sarah Majeed
Director: Ali Hassan

Fairy Tale 2 Episode 1 Part 2 Written Update & Review

Assalam Alaikum, people!

It’s your girl Shabana Mukhtar and I’m here to give you the lowdown on the second part of the first episode of “Fairy Tale Season 2”. This one has a surprise package at the end.

Nageen’s Resolve

Mahek informs Nageen about Ummeed’s presence (and reign) in the office. This upsets Nageen.

“I will have to become a saas,” Nageen says.

Nageen is still unhappy about Ummeed working at Farjad’s office. I liked how Farjad cutely asked his mother: toh usko ghar le ke aa jayen.

Nageen wants Farjad to give this “relationship” some time, to know each other better, to see if they are compatible (because they are not, they are soooo incompatible)

Family Shenanigans

Sameer finally takes admission into Arts, and Kamal Pasha doesn’t lose his temper. Instead, he asks Sameer if his classmates are well-versed in English. I think his craze for English language will continue in this season as well. Hilal suggests that Sameer and Haya should also get married in the same ceremony as Farjad and Ummeed. To our surprise, Haya refuses. She doesn’t want to get married yet because she has cleared medical entrance test. So now, it will be like 5 years before their love story anchors.

Ummeed’s Determinism

Ummeed got up early and arrived at office before time, because she wanted to prove to Farjad that she’s serious about work. Since she’s alone in office and has no work assigned to her, she falls asleep on the sofa, making it a scene for the other employees.

Surprise at Office

Mahek is ogling at Farjad, inviting Ummeed’s wrath. Ummeed wastes Farjad’s time by meeting him repeatedly. He smiles when Ummeed leaves. But soon, this smile will turn into frustration. Mark my words.

The Ode to Indian TV Soaps

The next scene just blew off my mind. The Indian TV version of saas-bahu saga with Farjad, Ummeed, Mimi and Nageen in loud makeup… it was soooo much fun-the loud background, the flashing lights, the way frames transitioned from one to another and the way the scene ends… Imitation very well done. Just because of this scene, I’m thinking that I might watch the next episode.


This drama is watchable only because of Farjad and his family. Not only are they interesting characters, but these actors are also spot-on with their portrayal of the roles assigned to them. Saman Ansari, Hamza, Amna… they are all so great.

That’s it for now, folks! I hope you enjoyed my review. How did you guys find this episode?

Until next time, happy watching!


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Shabana Mukhtar