Hook | Episode 22


Hook: Roses And Thorns—Love And Revenge

The story of Hook revolves around the intense emotions of love and revenge. The conflict arrives when Shaheer comes in between Haya and Zayan.

Sometimes your love is not enough for life to go straight. People with terrible intentions will try their best to drag you down. Standing against the wind will be difficult for you when life will go out of bounds.

Written By: Shagufta Bhatti and Shahid Dogar

Directed By: Mohsin Mirza

[Source: ARY Digital Website]

Hook Episode 22 Written Update & Review

This episode of Hook was soooo good.

First up, Amma is happy with Haya that she had the family’s best interest at heart, even hinted that Haya would soon be the “bahu” and Jaafar’s “wife” in truest sense. On the other hand, Maimoona has instigated Resham (not that she needs any instigation to harm Haya). Resham does what she does best – tries to malign Haya’s name once again. She puts her phone in Haya’s room, the one she used to chat up with Zayan.

Jaafar sees the phone, reads the messages and is visibly upset. While I may have a crush on Jaafar, sometimes his stupidity bothers me. If Haya really had a phone, why would she put it in open sight? If she wanted to do anything with Zayan, why was she trying to impress Jaafar by talking about “being loyal” and “being in a nikaah”? Bhai ne socha nahin zyada, bas ghussa dikhaya.


Also, Amma Bi was the only one to think of the right thing–there is a loophole in security. How could Zayan reach Haya’s room without anyone knowing? I wanted to salute Amma Bi for thinking straight. If you recall, I had raised the same questions in my review of Hook | Episode 19.

Bravo, Amma Jaan!


Resham’s plans have worked this time. Jaafar sends Haya to Safiya’s house. I was like: again? Even Haya says the same thing while Wali drives Haya home.

Wali has always had a soft-corner for his chhhoti malkin, and seeing her weep makes him give his expert opinion on Jaafar.

“Dil ke burey nahin hain. Unhein dhoke se nafrat hai.” Wali says.

Anywho, so upon Haya’s insistence, Wali keeps driving Haya around.


In Zayan’s house, his parents are happy to hear that Zayan has taken out Sadaf. Little do they know that Zayan wants Sadaf to reject the proposal. Sadaf is like: chal bhag, tu apna kaam kar, main nahin mana kar rahi.


Jaafar is hurt by the recent events. He drives off to a secluded place and ponders over things. Two guys drive by on a bike and shoot Jaafar. Our dude can’t be taken out so easily. He not only shoots them, but also manages to call Wali and inform about the shooting. I was like, yeh Die Hard ka Bruce Willis hai kya? Kuch hua hi nahin.


And then the rest of the episode was about Jaafar’s hospitalization. Haya insists on staying with Jaafar, much to Maimoona’s dismay. Jaafar isn’t thrilled, either. But, he can’t kick out Haya, can he?


Later, Wali tells Jaafar what he has done to track the attackers. Jaafar doesn’t like it that Wali falsely involved  Zayan into the matter. While this makes Wali feel guilty, Haya starts to swoon over Jaafar. Inna koi dil ka achha hai uska husband, kya bataoon.


There are two things that I love about this drama is.

The first one is obviously Faisal’s portrayal of Jaafaar Ilahi. The character itself is so measuredly righteous that you empathize with him (and drool over him). Faisal’s acting makes this character more lovable. The scene where Jaafar is standing in front of his car, kinda upset and angry that Haya was in touch with Zayan, it was so well done. He looked so dashing in that scene, and then he was shot…

Haya’s subtle arrogance. Main aisa hi karungi, and we see that in many episodes. In this episode, in particular, she was so sweetly adamant. 1) I’m coming with you to the hospital. 2) I’m staying with Jaafaar. 3) I’m not going anywhere.

She was like: Main idhar hi rahega, jo ukhaadna hai ukhaad le.

I absolutely love this duo, and I keep waiting for this drama. Thank goodness we have two episodes each week.


On a side note, I wish that Kinza experiments more with her looks. I watch “Hook” on Wednesday evening, and then I watch “Mere Ban Jao” next, and there is absolutely no difference. Thoda to character ki feel aani chahiye. That’s what I love about Faisal, or Ayeza if we talk about actresses. When we see them, we almost immediately recognize the character.

So, that was the review. How did you guy like this episode?

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