Hook | Episode 25


Hook: Roses And Thorns—Love And Revenge

The story of Hook revolves around the intense emotions of love and revenge. The conflict arrives when Shaheer comes in between Haya and Zayan.

Sometimes your love is not enough for life to go straight. People with terrible intentions will try their best to drag you down. Standing against the wind will be difficult for you when life will go out of bounds.

Written By: Shagufta Bhatti and Shahid Dogar

Directed By: Mohsin Mirza

[Source: ARY Digital Website]

Hook Episode 25 Written Update & Review

Assalam Alaikum dear readers,

Shabana Mukhtar here, to recap and review the latest episode of Hook. My goodness, this episode was soooo good.

Haya and Jaafar

The episode opens as Haya is helping Jaafar responding to some e-mails. The educated wife with work-experience is becoming a boon now. And she is so pretty 😍

Jaafar is upset after Mukarram’s threats. Haya being the sweetest wife, notices that Jaafar is Upset about something. Jaafar confides about Mukarram’s threat, which makes Haya worried, even scared of her future.

Jaafar: I wouldn’t repeat my mistake this time. I wouldn’t let you go so easily.

Hayyyeee…. Maa Sadqay iss muskurahat ke. I liked how Jaafar first moved slightly on his perch to get close to Haya before you know, wiping off her tears. It was such a small thing but it made the scene so real.


Sadaf and Zayan

Sadaf is trying to befriend Zayan again, but Zayan is cold as ice. After repeated attempts, Sadaf stops trying. The reverse psychology works, and Zayan insists on taking Sadaf out for dinner and shopping. While the parents are pleasantly surprised, Sadaf isn’t much thrilled.


Resham’s little phone affair

The awara dude who’s proposal for Resham Jaafar rejected, is now in touch with Resham. They are quite flirty with each other. I wonder what Resham is upto now.

Aziz and Safiya

The previous episode spinned a new subplot about Aziz’s yearning for an offspring. I thought the makers were just trying to show how emotional Aziz is. But this episode proved me wrong. Aziz is shown to be one of those men who think that it’s ALWAYS the woman who is responsible for inability to conceive a child. While the topic makes me cringe, it is the need of the hour. Almost same topic was addressed in Sar-e-Raah episode 2, of you remember. That was also ARY Digital, right?

And finally, Maimoona

Maimoona was the biggest surprise in this episode. While Mukarram was trying to take revenge for what happened to Maimoona (Jaafar’s second marriage), Maimoona wants to save her marriage and her relationship with Jaafar. I liked what Amma told Maimoona.

When two men are at war, it’s always the woman who gets defeated.

Maimoon lies to Mukarram that Jaafar has asked her to come back. She doesn’t want her brother’s ego to ruin her marriage. Now, that is something I have never seen before. I mean, she had been pure evil for Haya, but this side of her surprised me, even shocked me.


Back to the lovely couple



This episode was full of small moments that I appreciated. Incidentally, all of these were people’s smile in different situations.

  1. Jaafar’s smile at Haya
  2. Haya’s teary-eyed smile at Jaafar
  3. Maimoona’s smile when she lies to Mukarram
  4. Resham’s smile when she sees Haya happy with Jaafar

This drama has got me hooked.

As I always say after watching Hook. I can’t wait to see more of Jaafar and Haya.

So, that was the review. How did you guy like this episode?

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Shabana Mukhtar

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