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Career oriented partners, who are supportive to each other setting the example of Happily married couple.
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Executive Producer: Hina Aman & Kamran Afridi
Director: Aabis Raza
Writer: Nimra Jamil & Warisha Fatima
D.O.P: Waqas Ali (Balle)
HOP: Ali Salman
Creative Director: Nisa Karamatullah
Music: Muhammad Ahmed
Singer: Asim Azhar

[Source: Express TV official YouTube Channel]

Hum Dono Episode 1 Written Update and Review

Yesterday, my YouTube spree started quite lat, almost around midnight. The first thing in my list was to watch and review the 4th episode of Pyari Mona.

I didn’t do that.

I never do. Following the plan is quite difficult for me. As long as I cross off all the items off my list, I don’t fret much. By the time I put away my phone, I didn’t finish my to do list, either. But that’s just who I am.

After watching the Q&A session and a few random clips on MsMojo, I watched Pyari Mona and then I saw this-Hum Dono Episode 1 on Express TV. Hira Mani and Ahsan Khan with a toddler trying to make her/him stay quiet. I thought it would be a comedy series. The last video on Express TV was comedy (I watched a few episodes of Hum do Hamarey sau), so I assumed this channel produces humorous content. Was I wrong or what? And, I am happily proven wrong.

The episode begins as Mahi hears a kid’s cries. Initially, she thinks it’s her illusion, no thanks to a trouble in the past, but the kid is really there. Omer and Mahi walks out of their house and see a baby sitting outside their house. Then, we see an animated story as the kid tells us the background story. She’s Pareeshay. Her mother Palwasha was to be married off to an older man Bhau (I think that’s what his name was), but is saved by Zaigham. Years later, Pareeshay was born, but Bhau comes back. Zaigham and Palwasha run away. Bhau shoots Zaigham but Palwasha escapes, leaving Pareeshay in front of Mahi’s house.

Later, we meet Gulrez Khan and Shabana (I know, too many characters are named after me these days, haha). Gulrez Khan is the driver while Shabana looks after the homely chores. They are just married, and Shabana forces Gulrez Khan to take leaves for their honeymoon. Long story short, they get the permission.

We see that Omer and Mahi don’t want a family, they claim to be happy with each other. And yet, Mahi feels insecure and asks if Omer is happy in that marriage.

The nightmare repeats itself. This time it goes a bit further as Omer brings the kid inside. While he goes out for something, Mahi is left alone to look after the kid. Her only companion is scary memories from her past. It was quite scary to watch, I must admit. We get a fair idea of what must have happened in the past-Mahi must have lost her siblings to fire crackers or something. Although I sensed it, the scene still creeped me out. So, I guess kudos to the director for shooting it so well.


I loved, loved, loved how the kid’s background story was shot as animation. It was so well done. I almost wanted it to not end.

Hum Dono has a suspence/triller vibe. The camera angles, the lighting, the background score, all make me feel jumpy. I half expected someone to appear out of nowhere. I know it isn’t a horror story, but it sure looked like one.


My biggest grouse is Mahi’s ideology-hum ne ek dusrey ke sath ke liye shadi ki thhi. Bachhon ka jhanjhat nahin chahiye. I am not an scholar or anything, but the purpose of nikaah is not only to bring a man and a woman together but also to procreate. I know this series might not aim at preaching islamic values. My problem is, seeing such series and drama indirectly and invariably makes us think that not having a family is fine. Little by little, Muslims are brainwashed to not follow Islam.


The baby’s cries are too loud and got to me the second time the nightmare began. Maybe they could edit and lower the volume. If we are to watch the same dream many times, it might affect us. Who knows? I would also start crying.

Since this is going to be a mini series, and it looks “kuch mukhtalif”, I’m going for it.


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