Hum Dono | Episode 2


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Executive Producer: Hina Aman & Kamran Afridi
Director: Aabis Raza
Writer: Nimra Jamil & Warisha Fatima
D.O.P: Waqas Ali (Balle)
HOP: Ali Salman
Creative Director: Nisa Karamatullah
Music: Muhammad Ahmed
Singer: Asim Azhar

[Source: Express TV official YouTube Channel]

Hum Dono Episode 2 Written Update and Review

We see the continuation of the flashback (now we can call it a flashback and not a dream). Omer and Mahi take care of the baby Palwasha. But they are also worried so Omer calls his friend Haris, who is a cop.

When Haris comes home, Palwasha is nowhere to be seen. Haris goes back. The moment Omer and Mahi come inside, Palwasha is right there, playing. This makes Omer think that she might be a jinn. It was funny and scary at the same time.

Long story short, they are stuck with the baby for a while.

The episode ends with a punching line from Mahi.

“Not every mother is perfect like your mother,”Mahi says.
Why are you bringing my mother into this?” Omer asks.

Do we sense Mahi’s resentment towards her mother-in-law? Wow! Spicing up the mystery mini series.

I loved how the episode ended with sketches of key scenes from the episode. So cute…


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