Ishq Murshid | Episode 2

Ishq Murshid

“Ishq Murshid” revolves around the story of two individuals from different backgrounds, brought together by destiny, as they face countless challenges in the name of love. A narrative filled with politics, enmity, gambits, and ambiguity, it delves into a complex web of power struggles, personal vendettas, and intricate plots. The drama promises a gripping tale of emotions, cerebral intrigue, and the ever-present undercurrent of secrets.


Writer:Abdul Khaliq Khan

Director:Farooq Rind

Producer:Moomal Productions

[Source: GEO TV official channel]

Ishq Murshid Episode 2 Written Update, Recap and Review

So, at the wedding, Faraz’s father asks for Mercedes S class. Since it’s none of her business, Shibra puts her nose in the matter and creates a big scene. This scene, in turn, gives Shahmeer to lurk around her like a stalker.


I can’t say that I like Shibra or Shahmeer. Shibra is nosy and has no sense of boundaries. The other one, Shahmeer is selfish and has no sense of boundaries. Oh, wait… they are made for each other. She created a scene in the middle of the wedding venue during Maleeha and Faraz’s  while he interrupted the wedding night of the newly married couple. This isn’t what I was expecting.



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