Jhoom | Episode 1


A journey of JHOOM into the world of love, relationships, heartbreak, and sacrifice that centers around the lives of two souls who find love in a world of chaos and uncertainty that changes their lives forever. Aryaan is a young and handsome boy who holds a caring and possessive nature towards his friends. Despite having a traumatic past, Aryaan tries to smile through the worries of life and never steps back from helping his friends.

However, Aryaan’s life takes an unexpected turn when he meets Maryam, a compassionate and kind-hearted woman who becomes a ray of sunshine in his life. As their relationship begin to flourish, Aryaan feels a change in himself and embraces the love that he had been deprived for so long.

Despite the significant age gap between them, Aryaan and Maryam’s love for each other knows no bounds, and they embark on an unconventional journey together. Their love defies societal norms and expectations, challenging the prejudices and biases of those around them.

As their relationship progresses, their love is put to the ultimate test. Will they be able to overcome their challenges and sacrifices to stay together? Will their love stand the test of time and societal pressure? Is age just a number when it comes to love?

Written By: Hashim Nadeem
Directed By: Ali Faizan
Produced By: Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi
Production House: 7th Sky Entertainment

Jhoom Episode 1 Written Update and Review

Assalam Alaikum dear readers,

Shabana Mukhtar here, with the review of the first episode of Jhoom.

Meet the hero

The episode opens with a “Dil Chahhta Hai” moment. We see Sam driving, Tina sitting next to him and our cool dude in the backseat. For his first look, he looks directly at the camera. We learn that he isn’t eager looking for love, and he likes his single status.

They stop at some place for lunch, the trio joking around. Aryaan notices a redhi wala crossing the road with his young son. And then a bigshot hits a redhi. Instead of apologizing, he starts yelling at the redhiwala. Aryaan has had enough.

He has to interfere.

“Araam se baat karein,” Aryaan says.

“Tu janta nahin main kaun hoon,” the brat says.

“Janna chahta bhi nahin hoon,” Aryaan says.

The brat pushes Aryaan away. And he’s like: ab dekh tu mera karate.

One slap and the brat starts to sing a different tune.

“Maafi maangein,” Aryaan says.

The brat does.

“Paise do,” Aryaan says.

Notice the change in tone and salutation. The brat follows the order without a single word.

“Ab iss se bhi maafi maan,” Aryaan says.

Then, Aryaan himself talks to the little boy affectionately. I guess our hero sees himself in the young boy. That hug was one of the warmest feelings I have had in a while.



The Evils

Moving on…

Aryaan and his friends are at a party or at a club or something. Sam and Tina tease Aryaan about his ex flames, Lubna and Sameera. Aryaan is like: Mujhe tum logon ki baat nahin sunni, main ja ra…

And off he goes.

Sam and Tina follow. Their car breaks down near a dhaba…

And the dhaba has some nuisance people.

Meet Sherry and his lukhhe friends.

Sherry is the nuisance guy who can go to any length in the name of “adventure”.

Remember the line: Someone gonna hurt real bad? Yep, that happens and the injured Tina is brought to the hospital.

The “Meet, not-so-Cute”

Aryaan creates a scene, as usual, and upset Dr Mahlab calls Dr Maryab for reinforcement.


His first run-in with Dr Maryam is when they both threaten each other.


“Listen!” Aryaan says.

“You listen to me,” Dr Maryam says.

And this interaction leaves Aryaan speechless, dumbfounded, you name it.

Our angry young man is least perturbed about being in the lockup. He does push up against the bars. I was like, bahot hi bada aibi hai yeh toh!


We meet Tauqeer Ahmad giving a lecture on “anger management” to young and aspiring students. Little do the students know that while the father teaches “Anger Management”, the son violates all the lessons and is locked up.

The inspector calls to inform Tauqeer that it wouldn’t be easy to free Aryaan, because a doctor herself has complained about Aryaan.


Tauqeer meets Dr Maryam, requesting her to retract her complaint so Aryaan can be freed. The weekend is coming,  and Aryaan would be locked up for three days. Maryam is on a high horse, so she doesn’t give a damn.

“It’s parents like you who spoil their kids and then those brats don’t even realize the trouble they have caused. I can’t help you,” Maryam says.

Tauqeer humbly thanks Maryam and leaves. And now we wait for the next episode.


Make way for my new favourite: Jhoom!

The Writer

There was “Bachpan Ka December”, then there was “Parizaad”, and now this. “Jhoom” will be my third Hashim Nadeem outing. I might not like how he drags certain subplots but this man can tell an engaging story and write beautiful lines. That’s enough reason to make me watch this drama.

The Subject

While we have several stories of 50-ish men and barely-20 women, we almost never see a story bases on older man and younger man. This project’s premise promises to surprise us with a fresh plot. I would love to see how they tackle the subject.


Secondly, Geo’s projects are grandeur personified, whether it’s Ruposh or Tere Bin, whether it’s Tere Aany Se or Dil Awaiz, we have seen the scale at which they productions are made. The grandeur reaches another level for a mega project such as Jhoom, especially since it stars Haroon Kadwani 😉 I kid of course, because I know this isn’t about Haroon, it’s their style. And I like it!


Could you ask for more talent in one project. There is Zara Noor Abbas, my absolute favourite, grace personified. I admire her, especially her smile and her voice and the twinkle in her eyes and… Masha allah!

Also, Naureen is such a lovely person with diverse roles under her belt. A brat politician in Bakhtawar, a clumsy girl in Pyari Mona and the sweet elder sister in Muhabbat Gumshuda Meri, she is a surprise package, one that I absolutely adore.

Then, there is Haroon Kadwani. I have said this before that he could work on a few expressions but he has an impressive presence on screen and it’s hard to ignore him.

And then there is Haris Waheed. Whether it was Dil-e-Momin or Humnasheen or even his small role in Tere Bin, he has never disappointed us with his performance. Now, in a nuisance spoiled guy Sherry’s role, he is back to entertain us.


I’m a fan of Zara and Haris, I have liked Haroon in Ruposh, but it was Usman Peerzada who stood out. His slumped shoulders and humbled demeanor when he talked to Dr Maryam, simply amazing. Also, it was another ironic moment as Dr Maryam preached Tauqeer while her own brother is pure evil carrying a gun and all.

I’m so stunned by the first episode. This drama has a lot to unpack and I can’t wait to see the drama unfold.


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Shabana Mukhtar