Jhoom | Episode 3


A journey of JHOOM into the world of love, relationships, heartbreak, and sacrifice that centers around the lives of two souls who find love in a world of chaos and uncertainty that changes their lives forever. Aryaan is a young and handsome boy who holds a caring and possessive nature towards his friends. Despite having a traumatic past, Aryaan tries to smile through the worries of life and never steps back from helping his friends.

However, Aryaan’s life takes an unexpected turn when he meets Maryam, a compassionate and kind-hearted woman who becomes a ray of sunshine in his life. As their relationship begin to flourish, Aryaan feels a change in himself and embraces the love that he had been deprived for so long.

Despite the significant age gap between them, Aryaan and Maryam’s love for each other knows no bounds, and they embark on an unconventional journey together. Their love defies societal norms and expectations, challenging the prejudices and biases of those around them.

As their relationship progresses, their love is put to the ultimate test. Will they be able to overcome their challenges and sacrifices to stay together? Will their love stand the test of time and societal pressure? Is age just a number when it comes to love?

Written By: Hashim Nadeem
Directed By: Ali Faizan
Produced By: Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi
Production House: 7th Sky Entertainment

Jhoom Episode 3 Written Update and Review

Assalam Alaikum dear readers,

Shabana Mukhtar here, with the review of the latest episode of Jhoom.

The nuisance boys


Lukhha gang tries to invade a personal party and try their usual tactics to get around. It was almost runin with Aryaan.

Sam makes Aryaan realize about his feelings for Maryam. Aryaan meets Maryam at the hospital but Maryam acts quite cold. Later, she calls him to tell him that he’s like her younger brother.


Aryaan is upset and drives madly to some place

The lukkha guys are seen playing a game of death, a bullet in one chamber and each trying to pull the trigger. Ticky and Tony are relatively tame ones. Billy is the ultimate gunda with a minister baap. It’s Sherry who’s attitude is most troublesome, especially since he has Maryam as his only family. Maryam repeatedly reminds Sherry that she can’t afford to lose him. I wonder how Sherry got into a bad company.


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