Kaala Doriya | Episode 14


Saima Akram Chaudhry and Danish Nawaz–the writer and director duo who gave us gems like Chupke Chupke (I quite liked it) and Hum Tum (it was hit-n-miss). This duo now brings us another romantic comedy Kaala Doriya.

Kaala Doriya is story of two families who despise each other. The guy and the girl, especially can’t tolerate each other. When they fall in love, all hell breaks loose. Will they be able to cross the hurdles thrown their way by family or will they power through to come together as one? Watch Kaala Doriya to find out.

Drama Kaala Doriya Episode 14 Written Update and Review

Alright, so Saleeqa overhears Kabeer proudly confessing his nikaah to Bitto. Now, everyone in Muneer house knows. On the other hand, Tanno and Mahnoor are trying to look for a file that Shuja needs, and Mahnoor ends up finding the nikaah file.

 Now, EVERYONE knows. And, we have different reactions from everyone.

  1. Saleeqa Begum congratulates Kabeer and celebrates wholeheartedly. Her excitement is quite infectious.
  2. Muneer loses his temper, and he takes a sleeping pill to get to bed.
  3. Amma Bi rushes to her room.
  4. Nida rushes to her room because she was not told about this while her husband Faraz and her buddy Asfi both were part of the nikaah.
  5. Shuja doesn’t like the way it has been done, but he seems relieved that it’s done.
  6. Mahnoor is upset that Asfi didn’t tell her, she conveniently forgets that she didn’t pick up Asfi’s calls when he called a million times. 

This episode has some laugh out loud hilarious moments and lines, and I was like, “ha ha ha”, and my brother was like, “pagal ho gayi hai kya?” 

The only scene that I hated was… ya, you guessed it right, Mahnoor’s scene. The way she treated Nida in the hospital just pissed me off. Later, she tells Abba Miyan, in a different context, that:

“Ammi ki baaton ko dil pe na lein. Dil ki buri nahin hain,” Mahnoor tells Abba Miyan.

I was like, yeh kaunsa shitty logic hai? Just because you mean well in your heart, doesn’t give you a right to be a potty mouth and spit poison all the time. I also didn’t understand why Tanno had to fake being sick, and why Shuja had to play along.

As I have repeatedly said about this drama, it has more weak moments than good ones. It has some spark but it misses Saima Akram Chaudhary’s usual magic. 

Alright, peace out.


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Shabana Mukhtar