Kaala Doriya | Episode 15


Saima Akram Chaudhry and Danish Nawaz–the writer and director duo who gave us gems like Chupke Chupke (I quite liked it) and Hum Tum (it was hit-n-miss). This duo now brings us another romantic comedy Kaala Doriya.

Kaala Doriya is story of two families who despise each other. The guy and the girl, especially can’t tolerate each other. When they fall in love, all hell breaks loose. Will they be able to cross the hurdles thrown their way by family or will they power through to come together as one? Watch Kaala Doriya to find out.

Drama Kaala Doriya Episode 15 Written Update and Review

Kaala Doriya O Kaala Doriya…

So, after two fun episodes (barring the scenes that feature Tanno and Mahnoor), this episode was serious. Tanno is hellbent on getting Bitto divorced. Shuja, Mahnoor, Kabir, Bitto, everyone tries to talk to her. A social boycott finally sets her straight, but the way she is speaking on phone, I have a feeling that she will play the “I am ladke wali” card and humiliate Saleeqa and Muneer somehow. Kukku’s celebration was a bit funny, but that was quite late in the episode to enjoy it much.

I don’t say it often, but OB doesn’t do justice to this role. I mean, I didn’t like his performance as Faazi either. His dialogue delivery is quite self-aware, as if he is telling us–hey, I’m telling a joke, you better laugh. He isn’t naturally funny. And, the same goes for Sana. She isn’t fit for a comedy role. I don’t know why they were cast as the lead, but they are a huge let down to a story that is borderline funny, mostly annoying.

And that’s my unpopular opinion.

Over n out.


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