Kaala Doriya | Episode 23


Saima Akram Chaudhry and Danish Nawaz–the writer and director duo who gave us gems like Chupke Chupke (I quite liked it) and Hum Tum (it was hit-n-miss). This duo now brings us another romantic comedy Kaala Doriya.

Kaala Doriya is story of two families who despise each other. The guy and the girl, especially can’t tolerate each other. When they fall in love, all hell breaks loose. Will they be able to cross the hurdles thrown their way by family or will they power through to come together as one? Watch Kaala Doriya to find out.

Drama Kaala Doriya Episode 23 Written Update and Review

Assalam-o-Alaikum, my dear readers!

Today, I’m going to review the 23rd episode of the popular Pakistani drama, “Kaala Doriya.”

This episode was mostly about Asfi’s birthday. There was drama, there was comedy, there were celebrations; all surrounded around the single event-Asfi’s birthday.

The episode featured some of the most hilarious lines delivered by both mothers at unexpected times. The way Saleeqa said happy birthday after a long rant was so so good. And Tanno’s sarcasm is always spot-on.

The comedy in this episode was on point and provided much-needed relief from the tense situations that had been building up in the previous episodes. However, while the funny moments were excellent, the episode’s plot seemed scattered and lacked focus. It felt like the team was trying to accomplish too much in a single episode, which resulted in the story feeling disjointed. 

  1. Asfi and Mahnoor argue about Mahnoor’s distrust.
  2. Very few people remember Asfi’s birthday and he’s upset about it.
  3. Shuja wants Mahnoor to get married before he would do his treatment. Don’t ask me what’s his logic. I don’t know it.
  4. Mahnoor confesses her love to Asfi.
  5. Amma and Abba discuss their old dream of seeing Asfi and Mahnoot together.
  6. Abba Miyan hears Mahnoor’s confession of love for Asfi.
  7. Asfi tells Muneer about the real reason Amma Bi has gone to live at Shuja’s. This fires up Muneer.
  8. Nida and Asfi argue about their bond getting weaker by the day as both are hiding things from each other.
  9. Asfi is going to deliver Haleem to Nida’s friend (where did that come from?)
  10. Shuja and Tanno go for a doctor’s visit.
  11. Mahnoor arranges a birthday party for Asfi.
  12. Nida arranges a birthday party for Asfi.
  13. Shuja and Tanno come back to ruin the party.
  14. Both mother’s scold their offspring.
  15. Mahnoor and Asfi meet each other.
  16. Faraz and Abba Miyan listen to their conversations.

Look at the list. Do you think I’m wrong in thinking that the story was all over the place? 

Overall, the 23rd episode of “Kaala Doriya” had its moments of hilarity, but it could have been better if the plot had been better organized. Regardless, I still recommend the drama to those who enjoy comedy mixed with drama.

Until next time, Allah Hafiz!


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Shabana Mukhtar