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Saima Akram Chaudhry and Danish Nawaz–the writer and director duo who gave us gems like Chupke Chupke (I quite liked it) and Hum Tum (it was hit-n-miss). This duo now brings us another romantic comedy Kaala Doriya.

Kaala Doriya is story of two families who despise each other. The guy and the girl, especially can’t tolerate each other. When they fall in love, all hell breaks loose. Will they be able to cross the hurdles thrown their way by family or will they power through to come together as one? Watch Kaala Doriya to find out.

Drama Kaala Doriya Episode 25 Written Update and Review

Assalam-o-Alaikum, my dear readers. It’s me, Shabana Mukhtar, back here to review the 25th episode of “Kaala Doriya”. This episode had some interesting developments, and I am happy to see that the issues between Shuja and Muneer were resolved. I mean, about time, ya? This is the second last episode after all.

The highlight of this episode was when Shuja took the first step to bury their 5-year-old hatched with his younger brother Muneer. This was a much-needed step in the right direction, and it was heartwarming to see the brothers finally resolving their issues. Furthermore, I liked how everyone else was on board with Shuja’s decision of marrying Asfi and Mahnoor. The family dynamics were well-handled, and it was good to see that the characters were maturing and making rational decisions. Things were a bit too convenient, though.

The commentary by Gauhar and Bubbly added a humorous touch to the whole situation, and I enjoyed their banter.

However, there was one character who continued to create a scene, and that was Mahnoor. Right from the beginning of this drama, she has been the one character who would just spoil the fun, and that continued in this episode as well. Her behavior was irrational and impulsive, and it added unnecessary drama to the story. While I understand that Mahnoor has been through a lot, her behavior is often irrational and impulsive. In this episode, she created a scene in front of everyone, which was unnecessary and added unnecessary drama to the story.

The final conflict is at an arm’s length, and the final episode is just a week away.

Overall, the 25th episode of “Kaala Doriya” was a good one, with some interesting developments in the story. I am happy to see that the issues between Shuja and Muneer were resolved, and I hope that Mahnoor can keep her emotions in check in the upcoming episodes. As a fan of Pakistani dramas, I am looking forward to seeing how the story unfolds in the coming episodes.

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