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HUM TV’s drama serial Mere Ban Jao is a story of love, trust, deceit and repercussions. Featuring the versatile Zahid Ahmed, Kinza Hashmi and Azfar Rehman in lead roles, the serial conveys a very important message related to the use of social media, repercussions of blind trust and sharing of personal and intimate moments online without realizing the disaster it can cause and the impact it can have on one’s life. Produced under the banners of Moomal Entertainment and MD Productions, the serial is written by Samira Fazal and directed by Ahmed Kamran. Starting from January 11, 2023, the serial also features Rabia Naureen, Ayesha Gul, Fazila Qazi, Qaiser Nizamani, Hira Tareen, Noman Habib, Afraz Rasool and others.

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Mere Ban Jao Episode 10 Written Update & Review

Assalam Alaikum Dear Readers,

Shabana Mukhtar here. Today, I’m going to be reviewing the 10th episode of “Mere Ban Jao.” I have to admit, this episode left me feeling quite disappointed. And, the fact that I keep promising not to watch this and I end up watching it because I have nothing better to do. That’s so sad, isn’t it?

There are some good things in the episode; let’s start with those. I liked that Hassan took Azmiya’s side and didn’t want Azmiya to marry the creep like Fardeen. But I liked that Azmiya takes a stand and runs away. Azmiya might not have courage to go against her family, but she has the courage to run away. What happens later is just things spiralling down.

One of the things that really bothered me about this episode was how Fardeen forced Azmiya to apologize. It just didn’t sit right with me. Azmiya had every right to be angry and express her feelings because of the terrible things that Fardeen has done, and it wasn’t fair for Fardeen to force her to apologize just because it made him uncomfortable. It felt like a very controlling and toxic dynamic, and I was really put off by it.

Another thing that bothered me was Nikhat’s dual face. I also hated Nikhat’s character. She is pure evil and keeps talking rubbish about Azmiya but pretends to be sympathetic to Azmiya. She also calls the police so things are blown out of proportion. Who does that? She’s not kind to Azmiya, and it’s clear that she has some hidden agenda. I just can’t figure out what it is yet. It’s frustrating to watch because I feel like we’re not getting the full story, and it’s making me lose interest in the show.

Finally, the overall pacing of the show is starting to feel unnecessarily slow and dramatic. It feels like the story is dragging on for no reason, and it’s becoming a bit of a chore to watch. I wish the writers would pick up the pace and start moving the story forward in a more meaningful way.

In conclusion, while I was initially excited about “Mere Ban Jao,” this episode left me feeling quite disappointed. The toxic dynamic between Fardeen and Azmiya, Nikhat’s hidden agenda, and the slow pacing of the story are all starting to wear on me. I hope that the writers can turn things around in the next episode and start moving the story forward in a more engaging way. Until then, I’ll be cautiously watching to see how things unfold. Or not… I can’t really say for sure.


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