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HUM TV’s drama serial Mere Ban Jao is a story of love, trust, deceit and repercussions. Featuring the versatile Zahid Ahmed, Kinza Hashmi and Azfar Rehman in lead roles, the serial conveys a very important message related to the use of social media, repercussions of blind trust and sharing of personal and intimate moments online without realizing the disaster it can cause and the impact it can have on one’s life. Produced under the banners of Moomal Entertainment and MD Productions, the serial is written by Samira Fazal and directed by Ahmed Kamran. Starting from January 11, 2023, the serial also features Rabia Naureen, Ayesha Gul, Fazila Qazi, Qaiser Nizamani, Hira Tareen, Noman Habib, Afraz Rasool and others.

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Mere Ban Jao Episode 3 Written Update & Review

So, mobile snatchers get into Azmiya’s car, she calls for help and Zaki rushes to her. The snatchers escape.

Zaki consoles Azmiya and then apologizes to her. He’s so sweet. His aqal batne wala joke was good.

Later, Azmiya narrates the incident to Salma, who thanks Zaki for saving Azmiya.

After whatever has happened, Azmiya still keeps in touch with Fardeen; silly girl. Fardeen tells Azmiya that she isn’t the girl he wanted.

“I will change myself… I will do whatever you want,” Azmiya says.
“Switch on the video…” Fardeen says.

Nighat shows another leaked video to Azmiya. I think she is obsessed with such videos. Azmiya is worried and talks to Nighat about those girls whose videos are leaked. Despite her pointed questions, Nighat doesn’t get the hint that Azmiya is referring to herself.

“Boy and girl have no rights on each other unless nikaah takes place,” Nighat says. “If Hassan had ever asked me to do something like this, I would have refused to marry him.”

Azmiya talks to Fardeen, AGAIN and he does what he does best-tries to use his power because he knows how much Azmiya loves him. He even asks her to meet him alone when he returns to Pakistan.

Zaki brings some laces to match with dupattas. Him and Azmiya discuss life in general, and then Zaki delivers the simplest yet wisest lines ever.

“Jo pyaar karte hain naraaz nahin hotey Jo naraaz hotey hain woh pyar nahin karte,” Zaki tells Azmiya.

The episode ends as Fardeen comes to Pakistan and meets Azmiya and family. He mistakes Zaki to be a house help. Now, that would stir up a fight, and I’m all for it. 



Zahid accent and his grip on the character is so on point. Shit’s getting real as far as Fardeen and Azmiya are concerned. I was wondering, would Azmiya end up marrying Fardeen? I was also thinking, Azfar might be feeling like a real blackmailer, right? He’s doing it for so long, a blackmailer’s role, I meant.

Alright, all caught up.

I guess today I will watch the fourth episode and then post again. See you then.


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