Neem | Episode 11

Excursion of a born philanthropist, determined to fill the void in uniform distribution of education in her community, without the bounds of finances. Zimal faces multiple obstacle in her virtuous way, from personal wounds to feudal establishment, everything seems to diverge her astray. Written by Kashif Anwer, directed by Shehzad Kashmiri and produced under the banner of Momina Duraid Productions, the cast of Neem includes, Syed Jibran, Mawra Hussain, Arslan Naseer, Hani Taha, Maryam Nafees, Shamyl Khan, Ameer Gilani, Adeel Khan, Ismat Zaidi, Alamdar Khan, Areeba Tirmizi, Tahira Shahzad, Yousuf Bashir Qureshi & Others. Watch Neem starting only on HUM TV.

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Written by Kashif Anwar
Directed by ShahzadKashmiri.
A Project by Momina Duraid Productions.

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Neem Episode 11 Written Update and Review

Assalam alaikum, , my dear drama lovers!

Cruel Karamat

No thanks to the pre-signed papers, Karamat wins the case and is declared the rightful owner of all the land. He arrogantly confronts Asad and others.

Karamat: You can still live there, but the land is mine, bear that in mind. I will have a feast at haveli soon.

Asad vows to get to the bottom of whatever fraud Karamat has pulled, and get the land back.


Karamat starts drinking. He also arranges for a huge feast. As he begins his speech, he declares his true intentions.

Karamat: The court case changes nothing between us. I have invited the rich and the poor alike.

Silence in the audience.

Karamat: Nature has done the classification in humans as well

A couple of people get up and leave.

Karamat: Hukum deney wali naslein aur hoti hain, hukum leney wali naslein aur…

More people get up and leave.

This doesn’t please Karamat.

Zimal & Shazil

Zimal has a new mission-to convince Shazil to remarry. The case is presented in home-family court. Shahrukh tries to talk Zimal out of it, but she has some very convincing arguments. As she walks out, Shazil openly admits that he is considering Zimal’s option. Apparently, he has sacrificed enough in the past, and doesn’t want to sacrifice anymore.

Shazil: Qurbani dene wale azeem hote hain lekin iss pe depend karta hai ki qurbani kis chiz ki maangi ja rahi hai.

That look on Zimal’s face… It was her idea, and she advocated for it, and yet, hearing those words is like a slap on the face.

I also feel that Zimal is like borderline sadistic. She intentionally starts the topic that would hurt her. We all get it, that she’s trying to do the right thing but it’s a bit much when she discusses if Shazil likes someone, don’t you think? And then she asks Shazil to take care of street school so Shazil and Maryam can spend time together. What is going on? Who sacrifices so much?

Mawra has outdone herself in this project. Her portrayal of Zimal is REAL, painfully so.


Arshad is busy doing his job, washing a car (very real execution). He gets a bagful of money. Being the nice chap that he is, he brings the bag to Zahid, the owner. This Zahid dude is like a saint. He gives the money to Arshad, suggesting that he uses the money for his mother’s treatment. Itne achhe log kahan hote hain bey?

Zahid also gives his house for Arshad to live. Arshad asks Faisal to move in, too. Camilla also moves in, so does her boyfriend. At this point, I’m like: what’s going on?


Amjad hands over his phone for repair. The shop owner promises that he would not unlock the phone. He breaks his promise and brings it to Jameel.

The episode ends as Jameel says:

Jameel: This will be the last nail in the coffin.

And we’re left wondering: kiske coffin mein? Karamat or Asad?

I often feel that Jameel has an angle, that he isn’t sincere with Karamat because he’s such a chaploos, but I can’t say for sure.

Alright, so that’s the recap.


I like this drama, but I think that everything is too convenient for both Zimal and Arshad. Whatever Zimal starts, she succeeds in it. Even though there are problems on personal front, her mission never stops. At the same time, Arshad had not faced a single problem since moving to USA. I wish if life was that easy as they have it.

In the latest episode of “Neem,” we continue to witness Zimal’s journey as she relentlessly pursues her mission while facing minimal obstacles. The drama, though captivating, treads a fine line between inspiration and the realms of wishful thinking.

Zimal’s character certainly exudes determination and an indomitable spirit. However, it’s hard not to notice that success conveniently follows her every endeavor. Whether it’s her career or her personal challenges, Zimal seems to overcome them with relative ease. This level of consistency, while engaging, can sometimes stretch the boundaries of believability. In a world where life’s hurdles are a given, Zimal’s path appears unusually obstacle-free.

Meanwhile, Arshad’s journey to the USA seems almost charmed, devoid of any real difficulties. His transition to a new country and culture is portrayed rather smoothly, raising eyebrows about the realism of his narrative. The audience might yearn for a deeper exploration of the challenges that are typically associated with such significant life changes.

Zimal’s apparent tendency to delve into topics that inevitably cause her emotional turmoil is striking. While her intentions to do what’s right are evident, her actions could border on self-inflicted pain. Her discussions about Shazil’s romantic life, although seemingly meant to protect her sister, could appear overly meddlesome. Similarly, her request to Shazil to manage the street school to facilitate Maryam’s time with Shazil can be perceived as an overwhelming sacrifice.

The story, while intriguing, can sometimes dabble in an almost fantastical portrayal of personal and professional success. Zimal’s mission to make a difference is commendable, but the ease with which she navigates her challenges might lead viewers to yearn for a touch more authenticity.

In essence, “Neem” remains a drama that sparks a mix of emotions. While the characters’ dedication is admirable, the narrative’s convenience and certain character dynamics could raise a few eyebrows. Let’s see if the drama addresses these concerns in the coming episodes, striking a balance between aspiration and the gritty reality of life’s complexities.

Assalam Alaikum!


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